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NWO: Controlling the masses with new climate lockdowns?

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Published on 03 Jun 2023 / In News and Politics

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Credits to Redacted with Clayton Morris.

The Vatican and her secret societies want to control the masses even more with new climate lockdowns. There is NO climate change according to several studies. The false gospel of climate change of the Vatican is a hoax and a lie from the dragon or satan, the father of lies, which gives its power and authority to the Vatican (Revelation 13:2).

Climate change is being used to brainwash the masses into accepting what the pope is saying so that once the world endorses a climate change ‘rest’, the pope will simply enforce his mark of public, weekly SUNday rest and WORSHIP as the mark of the Vatican beast.

This mark of public, weekly SUNday rest and worship goes against the biblical and commanded 7th day Sabbath of the Lord thy God, Who is the Creator. The Sabbath commandment points to God as the Creator and the devil cannot tolerate that. Thus, the devil wants ‘his’ world to worship him instead on a day, SUNday, which is not blessed, hallowed or sanctified by God, as the Sabbath is.

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