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Liberal tears: Dems freak out over Omar's committee removal
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NR.5 - CHESS vs WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM - YOVAL NOAH HARARI - Total Biometric Surveillance... We Need to Monitor What's Happening Under the Skin ! re up

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Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics


SPECIAL EPISODE 014 - part H !

AMIGOS - FRIENDS - BROTHERS an so on...- If you believe those WHO START THIS LOW FAKE PANDEMIC - then help a rich man (BILL GATES and rest of his chumps) become more POWERFUL !

Nuremberg Code

Bill Gates: My ‘best investment’ turned $10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit

(CNBC has all video in there, important is about the MONEY part - rest dont matter too much, cause are MAINSTREAM MEDIA).

mouse - these goons still appear no matter patriots is from middle of april 2022 and is a mirror.

NR.5 - is for our best, cause this creature here, YUVAL HOAH HARRI - by the way he tell us he s GAY - and with help of CHINESE MAINSTREAM MEDIA and THE NEW YORK TIMES blend a lot of lies into one voice you see !
mouse - i bet he know how to count the money, i mean the CREDIT CARDS he have !

NR.5 - most of them do, this JOKER will remain in history, beside KLAUS SCHWAB ''JAB'' - patriots and veterans already speak and know that WEF - WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM is a crime organization, are just on the open now – CAUSE PEOPLE and GENERAL PUBLIC LET THEM BE ! – and of course they buy almost all judges, prosecutors, minister, PARLIAMENT members, presidents and so on !!!

NR.5 - this dude here speak he KNOW SO MUCH - but he is full of ''holes'' -

1. like i say in past THEY ARE NOT GOD - cause they have diseases (wear glasses, no hair and may others…) and go against the basic of the teachings - MAN and WOMAN is the way to make a family and get children - not MAN with MAN or WOMEN with WOMEN !

2. i already CHECKMATE their low theory about being GOD here - who is to fault they got so far ? NOT ME – yes some of FREE VOICES talk too, BUT why not gather people for the RALLY ? not one day – you need WEEKS at minimum to make stand, day after day – using shifts !

3. NR.5 - dude in here, JOKER - ''BALD MAN'' say about a lot of things OTHERS will do but not them, i mean from the VACCINE - JAB - MEN and MACHINE being one theory - is all for the DUMB citizens or people, THEY will stay in their bunkers or safe house and watch the PAID MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and enjoy life from before – while most of citizens will be aressted or going to camps – compounds – or killed !!!

NR.5 – and is happen right now – enjoy THE FBI RAIDS – DOJ – CIA – etc – cause you LIKE TO STAY and do nothing - i talk about GENERAL PUBLIC !

4. NR.5 - needless to say, the words above are the SUPREME PROOF - leaders from WEF - WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM will never appear with machines in their bodies, they got WRONG about GOD - now they go ''to the bottom of the lake'' cause they promote AGAIN something they dont use – most of them read of have gadgets to say on words on MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and few times they remember or memorize some speech !!!

mouse - of course GOD can use healing and these CRIMINALS cant (without tech) with all their MONEY trains - but they dont read well our channel – and BET that most of humans are being DUMB – and are right – otherwise will be RALLY all over the place UNTIL they do DOWN IN JAIL !

mouse - incoming the CHECKMATE - end of part H ! until then look at his ''daddy'' and BIDEN - are not in good shape after meeting 5 !

Bill Gates And Vaccines He Gets 20X Returns On His Money ! re up - NR.5 words

NR.5 - Klaus Schwab (JAB) - Implanted Microchip - World Economic Forum and The Great Reset ! re up
Sp. Ep. Part 009 – part A !

NR.5 - CHESS vs Davos 2016 Keynote Speech - Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden ! re up !

Klaus Schwab loves your approach to the worship of the new vaccines. A great howl for the Nazis ! NR.5 up

NR.5 - CHECKMATE vs Klaus Schwab (JAB) - BIDEN - GLOBALIST theory ''WE CREATE - WE ARE GOD'' !

Nr.5 – epic video and words – First they came for the communists… ! re up

SHARE is saving lives !

AND SORRY for DISABLE COMMENTS - i dont have time for trolls.

A BIG THANKS to all TRUE FREE VOICES, TRUE PATRIOTS who still fight and dont give up vs WW 3 !

GOD bless all those who deserve it !


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Liberal tears: Dems freak out over Omar's committee removal
Cordovas777 See About Section For Important Links to Banned Videos