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Amazing Word Ministries
Published on 01 Dec 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Pr. Emmanuel Nougaisse

"For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, 'I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest bring salvation unto the ends of the earth." - Acts 13:47

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

It Was NEVER about Money, it is only about CONTROL over you

As we continue through the Great Conjuncture of Pluto – Saturn – Jupiter, I am sure you see that (COVID19) is this Toxic CORPORATE Waste that is [continually] /_\ poured into our Skies from all them U.N. Flags of MADE IN CHINA junk……., the Red Dragon from the Book of Revelation…..., and how the {Merchant Ships} do so cry now that “Crypto” Dollars are the New Rave of SALES SALES SALES!!! Think of it….., we have made it to December 1st, of the Year of our LORD Jesus Christ in 2020 A.D. as more, and more [nonmason] Citizens of our U.N. FLAGS lay dead…., and murdered by these ROMAN “Centurions” from them NEW TESTAMENT Gospels known as FREE MASON C.O.P.S. in our Police..., and our Religions.., and our Schools., and any place you can put a Gun and A Weapon on a Man be they {male or female} so THEY LIVE can do WAR IS MURDER When thou Shalt Not Kill or Murder is the OATH we all take to Our God, and yet, are not these ROMANS / * \ the same people whom put Christ Jesus 1.0 on that Cross???, the Same Prison Guards whom take we nonmason “citizens” too THEIR Masonic Jails, and Prisons for LAWS we the nonmason CITIZENS have no say in.?.?.?.?.?

How old are you really [don’t matter] Qballs~ [{**}] for be you just 8 years old to 75 years old you are the DECEDENTS of these {Incubator Babies} from the GREAT Mud Flood Wars where by 1893 A.D. this FLAT EARTH and our Celestial Sphere had become “so damaged” by WAR, and Desolation that today the WAR of the MASONS and we {the nonmasons} has put us all under House Arrest in Defiant Disposable ISOLATION!!! For anyone whom is still behind the MITIGATION curve…….., JADE HELM 15 never went away……..., and we are all being DEPOPULATED as the Blue Eyed Races are to be [wiped out] [{*}] from the Face of the Earth by the time Agenda 2030 has been fully IMPLEMENTED by the {EDISON A.I.} in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA… I know, cause I was A Watcher in 2014 when JADE HELM 15 this World Domination Plot between the U.S. Air Force, and all U.N. Troops would REMOVE all (BLUE EYED) People, and just because you’m see BLUE EYED People on These TV SCREENS: The many are already gone…

What do you think this New Fashion of “Vogue” is where ALT-MEAT is all the Rage in every U.N. Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON Lodge in your home town???? That [ALT-MEAT] is how they disposed of we the Blue Eyed People “regardless” of SKIN TONE, or Natural Hair Color cause The Machine wants A One World Skin Tone, A One World Hair Color, and A one world Eye color, and just look at the CENSUS where you live, and see {BLACK HAIR PEOPLE} are now 94% of the Worlds Populations, and then Dark Skin People are “the same” in every OCCUPIED Nation by these U.S. Military Bases, and when you actually turn off and TUNE OUT the Hollywood Magazine of their Masons “Ink on Paper” Graven Images of RAPTURE, and Magic, and Sorcery, you do not see BLUE EYED People like me anymore where [you live] in any Country from India to Asian, from Africa to South America… This NEW NORMAL is just A WAY too “UNIFY” all people by the Agenda 21 of the U.N. cause all BLUE EYED People will be DEAD DEAD DEAD, but you Brown Eyes and BLACK HAIR ONLY People {will be all} that Remains by 2025 A.D.

Has not These TV Screens of these FAKE JEWS Hollywood Movies Watered DOWN all Blue Eyes, and made we the BLUE EYED People the [most hated} and hunted in the World from their Take Over of PALESTINE to all these BLUE EYED {Machine People] /-\ whom can make their Pupils turn into Insecticide and Reptilian “EYES”, and why would a COMPUTER CARE if the Blond Hair Blue Eyes, and the Red Hair Green Eyes [went extinct] when its Mandate and “Mitigation” is too REMOVE all Differences in this WORLD POPULATION, so all people (look the same) with the: Same Eye Color, the Same Skin Tone, and BLACK HAIR ONLY.?.?.?.? Once we BLUE EYED people are all gone, you’m will [forget] we ever existed, just as you can not REMEMBER The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended all life in 1855 as We HUMANS were all INCUBATOR BABIES and Child Labor by 1893 called The Great Reset….

Johnny Exodice


How did the {Technological A.I.} achieve in wiping out the BLUE EYED People, and their Populations you might ask??? World War One BLUE EYES taken out… WORLD WAR TWO more BLUE EYES Taken Out, the Korean War MORE, and MORE {Blue Eyes} die for the purpose, and the cause, then Vietnam made sure BLUE EYED People were so [watered down] that now in December 2020 C.E. we Blue Eyes are only {6% of the} remaining people in all nations of the world, and as you’m Watch TV SHOWS and “prepare” for this next Great RESET WAR with China – Iran – Russia and North Korea……., by the end China Will Turn on RUSSIA and [decimate] all them Remaining Native BLUE EYED people from our “Tartarian” TAR-TAN Patterns…….., and from the USA to Canada to Australia to the U.K. and the E.U. there will only be {Brown Eyes} and SOLID BLACK EYES ruling all nations` for you Refuse too see these BODY SNATCHER “Parasites” and Doppelgangers from the OTHER SIDE of FLAT EARTH and these (D.U.M.B.S.) of Inner Earth want all BLUE EYED PEOPLE Dead Dead Dead, and then The SOLID BLACK EYES can rule this place till Judgment Day for the things done to WE THE PEOPLE whom had no Humanity…

The Society of nonmason~

Go do your own Research and Investigation, but From JAPAN to the Middle East from Africa to South and Central America, the BLUE EYES are [no where] to be found’ where your U.N. FLAGS are the [Invasion forces] from the “Other Side” of the World in the BOOK OF REVELATION…

The Sentinel…


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