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NNN-Laptop From Hell Cannot be Stopped. Trump Moves to Drain the Swamp.mp4

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Published on 27 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

In this Episode - President Trump moves to Drain the Swamp directly, and the Laptop From Hell continues to Defy Censorship, Damage Control, And Spin Attempts. This is turning into an exciting pre-election Drama that will seal the landslide Silent Majority victory in 2020.

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MoralitySheriff17 1 month ago

Hi there buddy, how you been? Here's another couple Jr. proofs to counter your de-bunking of the fact that JFK Jr is still alive. 10/17 in Michigan, President Trump is handed a hat by someone named John, "thanks John, you all know Johnny right? He's conservative and very smart and the women love him" he then checks the time on the prompter and puts the hat on at exactly 23:58 into the speech. 2+3+5+8=18=R(post)=Jr. + Banter=reveal. 02/28/20, South Carolina, POTUS lays down a misplaced 18 (9yrs, or 13yrs, or maybe 17yrs) in his troll of the media. "we don't want to upset them, but we'll be around for another 5 yrs. or 9yrs, or 13yrs, ( long pause watching prompter....)OR 18 YEARS!" No big deal right? Until I rewound it and realized it was laid down at exactly 18:18 into his speech. Dude, you need to wake up to this. I've been trying to get you to look past the Vincent Fusca strawman and look at the evidence that POTUS and JR have been working this plan for 20 years. I don't see this election going off on the 3rd either. This rally schedule is to garner overwhelming public support so his motives are not called into question when he announces NESARA some time before the 3rd, which will cancel the unfixable and highly corrupted election and move it out the 120 days and will be conducted with the new USPS blockchain voting system they just received a patent for. If you would take a broader view from up there on your horse, you may be able to see what I'm seeing if you're using good, logical thinking. You don't have much time, and if you're a credible journalist as you proclaim, you will investigate claims that have merit regardless your bias. If you don't start with JFK's agenda, and the fact he was murdered in the most disgusting and despicable way, you're skipping over the Genesis of this whole movement. I understand you're in the forward looking news reporting business, but you gotta know where you're from if you want to know where you're heading. I followed you since before the video in which you realized President Trump was involved (you were very excited). This is my last gift to you. If this goes down the way I'm guessing, I'll be back.

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AserehT 1 month ago

1984! Boi killer has it up on this Platform right now!

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AserehT 1 month ago

You are RIGHT!!

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Bob1956 1 month ago

The treason and hate of our own country is stunning. Do we deserve to live in a republic?

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