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Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Kids

As promised: a short documentary about Dr. Hatsumi Masaaki (Ninja Grandmaster) and training in Japan. Also my training routine, some of the things I do, I haven't taught - especially some kata forms - soon, I will be publishing the Level 1 Ninja Kids Training manual with photos, details and videos of all material covered in the first 18 months: Level 1: 1 thru 18 months, Level 2: month 16 thru 36 (3 years = black belt) and Level 3: is advanced training. I will also break down the techniques by age groups: 3 ~ 4 / 5 ~ 7 / 8 ~ 10 / 10 ~ 12 / 13 ~ 14. The manual will also have games and hints for parents / teachers to do and some basic knowledge as well as First Aid. We've never had a serious training accident in my 36 year teaching career.

Ninja Kids Dojo Homeschool is an educational complement for kids (3 thru 15 years old) as well as a self-defense, interesting and fun to watch for adults all ages. It is meant to be a 50 minute lesson with no breaks. Lesson is divided into: intro, physical technique, classroom stuff and end. This video is meant for both, teachers (parents) and kids. There are some complex issues here better explained by parents. Love is doing something for others, expecting nothing in return.


Lessons 1 ~ 38 on UGETube ➡️

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