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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2023 - Lesson Structuring

Ninja Kids Dojo ✝️
Published on 05 Feb 2023 / In Kids

50 Minutes ( parents or parents and kids ) watch my video

Parents must prepare the lesson to their liking:

50 Minute Lesson with an extra hour of research and tests

1) sweep and patrol (*check for dangerous objects) .
2) pray before lesson.
Phys 3) junaan taisso - soft warm up.
Educ 4) rick's intro.

---- 3 min break, talk discuss, questions ---

Phys 5) P.E. and Part 2 techniques
Educ 6) Theme(s) in part 2

---- 3 min break, talk discuss, questions ---

Phys 7) P.E. and Part 3 techniques
Educ 8) Theme(s) in part 3

---- discuss, questions and answers & research ---

You can write questions on comments below (free of charge).

I am now arranging to do a lesson w/ kids in the next few months so you can see more or less

*check - floor and make space so no furniture corners / dangerous things are the training area.

May God bless you all - rick, 10th DAN

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