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PPN World News - 9 Aug 2022
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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - Sunday, June 26 - ep220626

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Published on 26 Jun 2022 / In Kids

Today's Tech Stuff: Zanshin no Kata or Go Gyo no Kata ( 5 Elements basic form )
Today's Theme: The 5 Precepts of the Ninja, The Value of Life (link to my substack)

Special: The Story of Mr. Onoda.

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Tracks: 恋 KOI "romantic love" (Kitaro)

This Week's Hero: Justice Clarence Thomas

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Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any injuries or harm that may be produced because or related to this video. Techniques are very basic and safe, utmost care has been taken to make this a family friendly and safe video.


1) Forget all your sadness, grudges, anger and hatred. Let them pass like smoke in the breeze and do not get carried away by those winds.

2) Persevere in walking the path of Good; You must lead a worthy life - only those who can distinguish right from wrong can develop spiritual strength.

3) Do not let ambition, lust or ego take possession of your soul. If you learn Martial Arts only to satisfy your own interests, you are in danger of being controlled by these three desires, even if you have already acquired a high degree in Martial Arts; but these three wishes affect not only the budoka, but Humanity in general.

4) We must accept the sadness, hatred or pain when they come and consider them as a test that the Almighty sends us, since the noblest spirit of the Ninpo is to take everything as if it were a blessing from Mother Nature.

5) Concentrate all your time and mind on the practice of Budo and your mind immersed in Bujutsu. If one confuses spiritual enlightment with one's own fulfillment of it, one falls into the danger of acting like human beings and beasts at the same time.

When you find yourself surrounded by these kinds of situations or people, prepare yourself to believe that they have been sent by God as a test.

If you make up your mind to follow these ancient rules, you will avoid attacks from evil people, whether they are friends or family. You will create a strong spirit and by staying on the right track you can be a great man.




The Zanshin no Kata or Gogyo no Kata ( Form of the 5 Elements ) is a beautiful and very old kata that is made up of 5 kata ( Chi = earth Sui = water Ka = fire Fu / Kaze = wind and Ku = emptiness ) . The original form of this kata is related to Gyokko Ryuu.

What I get in this kata is that the feeling of the element is what is important (and not the physical technique); In other words, rather than observing if this block or punch is well done, we "read between the lines" and look at the kata as a whole and as a physical expression of the heart. I have also heard this kata referred to as the 3 hearts shape. It is said that a 3-year-old child does not possess evil or is influenced by factors such as envy or ambition. From this perspective of innocence we practice these katas.

It is said that the entire universe is made up of 5 elements: earth, water, fire, wind and void (emptiness). All elements are contained in Kuu (empty) and Void is contained in all elements. In order to feel the water element (for example) we can go to the beach, by the sea and watch the waves and the tide for a few minutes. Once you have assimilated the feeling of the water and the waves, practice the kata at the same rhythm as the waves that caress the sand. Vary the rhythm and breathing, work with closed eyes and imagine that we are the wave. Another way of working the water kata ( Sui no Kata ) is to think that when attacked by an opponent, we are the water and like a river we surround the rock and counterattack with shutou.

LIFE and DEATH (What they mean to Me)

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PPN World News - 9 Aug 2022
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