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NIGHT SHADOWS 10072022 -- Red October and a Missing Sub? WW3 and the Arrival, America Babylon is Toast

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Published on 08 Oct 2022 / In Film and Animation

So here we are in Red October, a month to watch for major events happen in the fall of the year. We are still in the High Holy Days, the economy hangs on by a thread, and mass insanity seems to prevail. Nuclear war threats and counter-threats by world leaders grows ever louder. Scripture tells us that WW3 is coming, it is not IF, but WHEN. Then we see another fear-panic operation in media for more jabs/boosters because we have not killed enough people and need to cull humanity much further and so it goes. UFO sightings are increasing the world over, a sign that Israel is about to undergo a severe change and as you all know, must and will embrace the False Messiah. Christian persecution is rising rapidly as the New World Order cannot accept any truth whatsoever, and on and on it goes...

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