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New York Wants To Get Rid Of Thomas Jefferson Statue. 😮🤪😡😠👿🤬

superdavebeastula - 140 Views
Published on 17 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Absolutely absurd. Warren Wilhelm, aka, Bill de Blasio, and communist cancel culture cronies are wanting to get rid of the Thomas Jefferson statue just because of the fact that he owned slaves. The only thing I can say, nobody is perfect. Yet, people such as these, want to put up a George Floyd statue; someone who was nothing but a low life criminal and a cowardly thug. Go figure.

Here's the BitChute video from The Next News Network.

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jud lewis
jud lewis 1 month ago

Happy Halloween

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hatbox 1 month ago

Strange, since Jefferson is a jewish name and Thomas fathered six biracial children with his slave Sally Heming, one which died. He kept slaves as jews do. Did you know slavery is legal in Israel? Or that this covid pandemic is being used to enslave mankind? The jews and their lies.

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