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New VA Governor Gets To Work, CDC Changes Rules For Cruise Ships & China Buying US Farmland

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 219 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

New Virginia Governor Youngkin gets to work -

New Attorney General fires everyone -

Outgoing governor pardons pedo -

The world has truly gone insane -

CDC changes rules for cruise ships, because all the vaxxed were getting sick -

Mexico drops all restrictions on entering country -

Here's how you do it, do not comply -

Don't worry yachts and private jets are exempt from carbon pricing plan -

China slowly taking over our farmland -

Bill Gates largest farmland owner -

This is the kind of eye for an eye justice we need to return to -

Steve Inman -

Song - Falling In Reverse - "ZOMBIFIED" from Blake -

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hatbox 4 months ago

It should be illegal to sell land to China. They're trying to shove China down our throats. They've even had China's leader addressing spectators at sporting events on a jumbotron and handing out cheap Chinese stuffed animals to everyone. I find this odd and troubling. Maxwell should be hung.

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Theroadtroll 4 months ago

USA shouldn't be exporting any natural logs or iron ore,etc.if China wants to buy steel beams or finished furniture sell it to them.your right about land too.sell them crops if we don't need them but no property.

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Theroadtroll 4 months ago

Sounds like true justice.since when did men depend on police and courts to right a wrong?they're to busy scratching their pussies to defend their own people.the worst offenders should have a dropem where you see them rule.

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MoralitySheriff17 4 months ago

pls crank your volume up a little please

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