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New Findings on Preventing Blood Clots from the 'Vaccine' - G Ed Griffin

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Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

New Findings on Preventing
Blood Clots from the 'Vaccine'

My last webinar received more rave reviews than ever before. My guests, John Hewlett and Stanford Graham, knocked it out of the park with the latest findings on how to minimize the development of blood clots related to mRNA injections now being forced on the public. The response was so strongly favorable, I decided to broadcast it again for the folks who missed it previously.

A little warning is in order. When this was recorded, I was a bit late arriving, due to automobile problems. John Hewlett did a great job filling the gap with background information but, if you want to jump ahead to the main discussion, it begins at 18 minutes.

Main topics of discussion:

First Covid autopsy findings in Europe:
Blood clots were in every organ of the body.

Spike proteins create blood clots:
A fact well known before they were designed into Covid vaccines.

Covid and the vaccine to treat it were patented before the pandemic began:
Based on the forensic patent analysis of Dr. David E. Martin.

Blood vessels can overcome spike-protein damage if they have an abundant source of nitric oxide: A healthy body makes its own nitric oxide, but production declines with age.

Declining production of Nitric-Oxide can be overcome, not by patented chemicals from a test tube, but by supplementation of food factors: And this is where we took a deep dive into what those natural substances are and what is necessary to maintain healthy blood vessels in spite of ageing - a protocol that I have personally followed every day for many years.
Original video:

New Findings on Preventing Blood Clots from the 'Vaccine' - G Ed Griffin

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