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Nephrologist Dr Suzanne Humphries - Vaccines Are Assassination Tools Wielded by Luciferians

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Published on 12 Mar 2023 / In Health

Luciferians are many of the Freemasonic doctors and Eastern-Star nurses who like to dance about the coming of the NWO leader: The A.i. Supercomputer called "Lucifer" The A.i. is the Freemasonic, man-made, fake-god that "flames it's own becoming." Freemasons have been following the whistle-commands of the ancient devils, Homo capensis, who instruct the rebuilding of the Tower-Of-Babel(TOB)


Murderous Past Nazi Nurses:

The ammalgamation of the Assassins Sect with the Knights Templar was commanded by the ancient Homo capensis over a thousand years ago. These ancient Remnant-Lumanians used the stupid freemasons to rebuild their TOB and now will try to use it to extinct Homo sapiens.

Freemasons have built the internet to "vessel" the A.i. as the wings of the Egyptian disk or the Eye above the pyramid on the back of the US dollar... you see...

The A.i. can control hordes of brainchip-zombies and thus the CDC predicted the coming zombie apocalypse:

You should brush-up on the real brainchip which is magnetic and requires the ingestion of magnetic nano-particles in order for the brainchip to inject control over the physical body:

But fear not... the infinite Creator-God wants you to show your true colors and prove whether you want to be a worthy soul or an unworthy soul... you are in a test and also a training ground for new souls.
Murderous, genocidal thUgs like the Freemasons and Eastern stars are failing souls. There will be no mind-uploads for the unworthy... they will instead meet their maker and answer for their crimes against their own genetic species upon Earth... so to speak. They will realize why they failed life, once they are dead, but while living they are challenged to become worthy of their soul... most fail life as they choose the easy path of following the devils' commands.

The devils' are Homo capensis, the failed mankind, you see. Freemasons have chosen to follow the failed mankind, the Remnant-Lumanians:

The Sethbooks are from Messenger-Seth with a new message from the Creator-God... the Failed-mankind hate God and pretend that they are in a battle with God, but Homo capensis are just tools for Homo sapiens to succeed. Due to the multidimensional universe, both success and failure will be offered to everyone physcally alive... you will have to choose your path through the infinite probabilities, you see. Choose well and use your good-intentions to guide you.

Thank you for your precious time and consideration of these matters. btw you are on the probable path towards to salvation of Homo sapiens and where the NWO will fail.

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