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Nazi-Invention of Malathion For Killing Humans- Malathion Areal Spraying - Bill Cooper's House Sprayed in 1994

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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In Science

William Cooper explains the Freemasons were conducting kill-off experiments upon the spraying of human communities.

Hour of the Times site still exists:

Bill Cooper exposing the Mystery School's disregard for the non-Cult populations... Cooper explains that people are being sprayed in human communities. Freemasonic Governors were complicit with spraying humans... the weaker humans often died from spraying, but the cause of death was never pointed back to the spraying/kill rates that secretly the Freemason's giggled as they hoodwinked the "sheeple." Tell the people that the spray was for their benefit and it would not hurt them... when the Nazi-Freemasons invented it specifically to kill non-Cult humans.

Part 2:

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Cooper exposed how the Cult minions are brainwashed to think and view the world:

He used their own book to identify that all secret-societies are guided by the Mystery School Cult:

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