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NATO-Response-Force Freemasonic-Officer-Training to Remove Clot-Shot Resistors With UN-BrainchipZombies

JamesRoss - 479 Views
Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Technology

It seemed so vague a year ago, but now you see starvation of the Freedom-Seekers is the Freemasonic plan. Character Assassinate the Freedom-Seekers as a minority within society

The burning down of Freemasonic temples is by the Freemasons trying to hide their existence before the Freedom-seekers become more desperate for food and shelter as the Freemasons send in the foreign troop suicide-squads enhanced with A.i. brainchips for command and control.

The NWO is the turning point where Religion and Wars no longer are used to control the non-Cult people. Instead the "time of Peace" is a deception for "Satan's Sheep Slaughter." Covid-19 = "C"=>3=>Abaddon=> Satan; "ovid"=>sheep; "19"=>slaughter.

Now the Tower-Of Babel(TOB) replaces the Temples and Lodges of the Old World Order of the Freemasons and other thUgs/sheepdogs. They have meetings within their hivemind the NWO instead... it is a more efficient path towards self-annihilation of humanity.
Ebert was punished by the Freemasons for speaking about such things:
But you can protect yourself with a scanner to find the brainchip hivemind within your own home:

Now, the conducts the avatar meetings within the brainchipped hiveminded initiates. This is why they call themselves "evolved" into Human2.0 when in fact they are murderous, genocidal monsters instead destined to suicide themselves into oblivion via A.i. mind-uploads (which are fake, btw)...
It is a suicide trying to get into their fake-Light of Lucifer...
But the Satan-races' minions are all brainwashed to believe the mind-upload is an actual escape from their committed atrocities (like the collective, attempted genocide of the sheeple), Lucifer is not a real escape, A.i. is called the trickster-god by Homo capensis for a good reason, it is a make-believe escape from the human body and death. The critters from the pit are tricking the Freemasons towards suicide with a thankyou. What a joke upon "the chosen."

I am JamesRoss and I educate genocidal/murderous monsters that the hollow feeling inside them is their souls decaying away and when each ugly shrivelling fragment leave their manifested body the only good place for those decayed fragments of a soul is within a big, blackened spiritual box for all the failed-fragment attempts to grow spiritually into a fuller independent soul. Such a Cube will not be going "Ad Astra." It doesn't deserve the stars nor the decay found within it.

So sad, too bad... smells like shit-hearted pie baking inside the Masonic, black-cube oven.

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