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St. Anthony Mary Claret (23 October)
Sensus Fidelium

Nativity of Mary (8 September)

Sensus Fidelium
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Published on 08 Sep 2021 / In Spiritual

With Our Lady’s Birthday, a dying world…an aging world…a world that was and is passing away…rejoices and finds hope. With Mary’s Nativity, this spiritual desert so short on grace now has an oasis. The frozen tundra of a fallen world, with it glacier of sin now has a rose coming forth from the earth and through the snow. A brilliant moon now illumines the darkest night. A perfect musical note now comes into the midst of a past disharmony with God. A new star…a morning star…a star of the sea has appeared for those lost at sea with no hope. You see, we finally have a vessel …a proper chalice…to hold the wine of salvation. A cloud has finally arrived to hold the dew of divine grace. We have a ciborium to hold the Saving Host…a chalice to hold the Precious Blood…a basin to hold the Divine Infant and the water of the Spirit that He will give to us in the form of Baptism meant to bring us an eternal birthday in heaven. We now have the birth of the one who will call down the Savior. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

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St. Anthony Mary Claret (23 October)
Sensus Fidelium