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National Anthem TV Sign off Slowed Reveals Subliminal Messages

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Published on 20 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

0:20 trust the us government
0:39 trust the us government
0:43 god is real god is watching
0:55 god is real god is watching
0:59 believe in government god
1:11 believe in government god
1:15 rebellion is not tolerated
1:27.rebellion is not tolerated
1:32 obey consume obey consume
1:42 obey consume obey consume
1:47 trust in government god
1:57 trust in government god
2:03 god is real god is watching
2:15 god is real god is watching
2:18 believe in government god
2:27 believe in government god
2:31 rebellion is not tolerated
2:44 rebellion is not tolerated
2:48 god is real god is watching
3:02 god is real god is watching
3:06 obey consume obey consume
3:17 obey consume obey consume
3:33 worship consume believe
3:48 do not question government
3:52 believe in government god

Remember the old T.V.sign offs? Read the sing along lyric's slowly. As letters fade in and out, You will see different words? This has been going on for a long time .Look for: trust us,don't trust God,obey,consume,government is god,rebellion not tolerated.I couldn't believe it myself-But they are there!

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