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Mystery of Massive Bird's DEATH in Rome

Path of truth
Path of truth - 596 Views
Published on 10 May 2020 / In News and Politics

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Old Boy Adventures
Old Boy Adventures 1 year ago

The birds are Starlings...they do that flying pattern in large groups called murmuring. About 15 years ago I saw a large number of them dead on the ground in Lafayette Indiana...the explanation in the newspaper said that it was due to a lightning strike.

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Brother Dubious
Brother Dubious 1 year ago

This is SCARY. I wonder what is hitting them? For a couple of years, I have been saying that there seems to be be less bugs. Even the pesty ones, like Japanese Beetles that arrive in mass to devour your garden, are rare. I think perhaps it is a secret weapon, or just cell towers/ radio waves. An aside... what is in chemtrails, that have sprayed on us for years?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

FLAT EARTH Magical Academy now in session for The Rag Tag Rebellion of Pak-Toe at War with The Racka!!!

-  Caption label from exhibit "World War I ...": Edwin Blashfield's Certificate for a Red Cross Nurse. Though Blashfield's design shows Columbia "knighting" a kneeling doughboy, this certificate honors the service of Red Cross nurse Anna Cecilia Foldesi. Shortly after arriving at Iowa's Camp Dodge, Foldesi (name misspelled as Foldese on the certificate) died of influenza and pneumonia on November 8th, days before the war ended. Millions more died from the wartime influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 than from enemy weapons.
-  Title from item.
-  Inscribed in ink on the certificate: Anna Cecelia Foldese, Army Nurse Corps.
-  Corrections to spelling of Anna Cecilia Foldesi's name provided by her family.
-  Signature on lower right corner: Woodrow Wilson.
-  Gift; Jean Burkhardt and the families of Barbara Goodman and Rose Ann (Converse) Poyzer; 2013; (DLC/PP-2013:159).
-  Exhibited: "World War I : American Artists View the Great War" in the Graphic Arts Gallery, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., October 2016 - May 2017.

What we are going to look at in this lesson of FLAT EARTH Magical Academy is COLUMBIA her Mythology – Global Citizens….., and their Constitution or Rights “if they” have any, How too sell your “U.S. Citizenship” for Cash……., and how to sell YOUR RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS for these FREE MASON Fucks them [U.N. Troops] of (COVID19) /_\ in Our Police and Military and Hospital COSTUMES / * \ as Trump just signed some EXECUTIVE ORDER for RED CROSS Nurses.?.?.?.?.?

Columbia is both a very young goddess and a very old one. Ancient Romans worshipped Libertas, Goddess of Liberty, among many other virtues personified. Our own Statue of Liberty, actually entitled Liberty Enlightening the World, is directly modeled on classical depictions of Libertas. Another representation of American ideals is the statue which stands atop the dome of the Capitol, entitled Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace, often called simply Freedom. I am joining a growing number of American Pagans who see all these manifestations as aspects of a single goddess called Columbia, who is the embodied spirit of America and a representation of our highest ideals of freedom.

Female personifications of countries are common: the UK was often represented as Brittannia, France as Marianne, and Switzerland as Helvetia. At about the same time, depictions of America personified began to be called Columbia. The statue of Freedom atop the dome of the Capitol combines symbols of traditional depictions of Libertas, such as the classically draped gown, and of America, in the form of her crest of eagle feathers. Because of this combination, I see this statue as one of the best depictions of Columbia.

Now NONMASON “U.S. Citizens” you better READ these “Proclamations” of COLUMBIA that Distortion of World History known as The CORPORATION [U.S. FLAG] Governed GOVERNMENT!!! But.?.?.? Whom is Governing the U.S. Military “Religion” OF G.O.D. aka GOVERNMENT OVER DEMOCRACY???????
A document published to the inhabitants of an area that sets forth the basis of authority and scope of activities of a commander in a given area and which defines the obligations, liabilities, duties, and rights of the population affected.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.

Seems like this will have to be a Two Part Professorship and Doctorate of Dr. Who, so just know them 5G Towers are EUGENICS Weapons to kill off all remaining Blue and Green Eyed People regardless of skin tone or hair folical colours…

How about that.?.?.? They Retired this FREE MASON Pope for Decent!!! That is why we got the NEW FREE MASON Pope Francis whom these masons do say on BLOOD OATH DEATH that Decent is allowed, but BETRAYAL to the NEW WORLD ORDER of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members is death!!!!

We of Pak-Toe say: DEATH TO The Racka!!!

The Green Hat`


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