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My take on the riots, the death of George Floyd, and the looting scumbags

Don Larson
Don Larson - 341 Views
Published on 30 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Minnesota Incident, Looters, Riots, and criminality

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

Teacher…, now that we see the END GAME of the Q, what is to happen to all them that thought TRUMP was going to bring John F. Kennedy’s son back from the dead to become the next U.S. President.?.?.? As I have warned you for years that Q was always a TROJAN Horse of the FREE MASON lodges, and that the #QANON movement was nothing more then Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls, and all the other Racka, you can now see that these FREE MASON Frat Boys and Sorority Sisters have all played you as have BLACK LIVES MATTER that are just more FREE MASON lodge members, and the FREE MASON Media says that White Blue Eyed FREE MASON whom murdered that Black nonmason Brown Eyes was Charges with murder.?.?.? I did not see him being Arrested, so where is this person whom killed a U.S. Citizen in cold blood, and now the U.N. Troops are in that City and State as the UNITED STATES illegal ACT of 1871 District of COLUMBIA and did Trump ever call the mans parents or children or any of them to say: The U.S. GOVERNMENT Will arrest that County or City C.O.P.S. for murder???? No!!!! That man whom we know is a FREE MASON U.S. Citizen was freed to leave after killing one of we the NONMASON U.S. Citizens, and this is why you will hunt him down and his other FREE MASON Lodge Members and torture and rape them before you allow them to die, and we will send a message to all free mason GLOBAL CITIZENS and these American Citizens that we the U.S. Citizens do not Tollerate High Treason as Trump and Pence are doing as they pretend to walk away from the W.H.O. of these 192 U.N. FLAGS where the POLICE in France took off their helmets when ordered by Macron to kill the Yellow Vest protesters, and once your police no longer follow orders, then those in the military whom are nonmason citizens no longer have to follow orders for as I have said: THEY LIVE say WE ARE have no more U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS, then our leaders be they Judges, C.O.P.S., Mayors, School Boards, City Counsel, to all these G4S in the U.S. Military and our Local Police are under no U.S. Constitutional Protections and that means since TRUMP and PENCE have done away with the U.S. CONSTITUTION under their Corporate EXECUTIVE ORDERS of a National Emergency there is no RULE OF LAW in this land, nor any of these 192 U.N. FLAGS and their World Domination Plot of (COVID19) Where we see so many are dead and gone and missing, and to allow any U.S. Citizens to kill another U.S. Citizens is RACKA!!!! Therefore, we will kill all whom associate with these free mason lodges, and we will put these QANON in their place once and for all!!!! Never Forget the Police to the President are paid by our TAXES, and that makes them EMPLOYEE to we the people, so whom are they our fellow U.S. Citizens to point guns at us and shoot we the people to death for that sounds like OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS are only FREE MASON continuing to kill we nonmason Citizens of our 50 STATE FLAGS where even our 50 STATE Governors are just more 33rd Degree PizzaGATE Satanist with their YOUNG TRANNY SEX websites of Human Child Trafficking… Nothing is better, and we are all under HOUSE ARREST just as Q said their would be mass arrest!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

Just know: The PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) Alien Invasion is their [last gasp] at saving FAKE SPACE with their “NAZI” SPACE FORCE……., and SPACE COMMAND when we all know we live inside a CELESTIAL SPHERE [FLAT EARTH] HOME WORLD….

Oh yes..., one last thing, they are not wearing DEVILS HORNS on their heads for we battle Thinking Insect “Machine People” of The EDISON……., and what you thought was S.A.T.A.N. Horns are in actuality Bug Insect “Mandibles" coming out of their FREE MASON Profane minds for we fight not in the Flesh and Blood and Bone, but the Esoteric Spiritual world of “thoughts” where you are either HUMAN in the Esoteric World….., or your are Insectatiod…..., and we just battle it out {down here} in the MORTAL Temporary Corporeal World of CORPORATIONS “at war” with NATURE!!!

Listen to this FREE MASON muther fucker saying THAT Murderer of a U.S. Citizen is in Custody.?.?.? Then show we U.S. Citizens THE PEOPLE him walking among all the other INMATES in your County Jail!!!! This is all a Ruse as we know the FREE MASON Run it all from Jails to Prisons to throw we NONMASON Citizens of our lands away… Fuck this BULL SHIT, and don’t talk down to me you so cakked fucking Public Defender!!!!

So Condescending is he not???? Nothing but one more Traitor doing High Treason and SEDITION protecting one of their own!!! I want to talk to the Inmates in that County Jail, and his CELL MATE during LOCK DOWN!!!

OUR TAXES PAY FOR THE PRISONS, but we “nonmason” U.S. CITIZENS have no say in the laws!!!! Charged with 3rd Degree Murder of a U.S. Citizen.?.?.?.?.?

IT WAS {1st Degree murder} TRAITORS for you FREE MASON C.O.P.S. cannot DELETE [The Video] that the whole wide world now knows what FREE MASON “lodges’ are all about you Fucks, and Pukes, and Cucks, and Slags!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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