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MUST SEE Woman Stands Up And Spits Home Truths About COVID, LOCKDOWNS AND DEEP STATE.mp4

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 192 Views
Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In People and Blogs

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Transparent Thoughts
Transparent Thoughts 1 month ago

God Bless you !!!!! More people must come out to the streets and stopping this World Order/Sick Reset!

Whoever is getting fired for not getting the Covid Vaccinations should start lawsuits. A lot of people should get together and sue the Companies! The vaccinations are still under clinical trial of which they all (4) have failed the tests! Also they have serious complications and we don't know what other health issues down the road, the vaccinated people will face. Employers cannot play with people's life with either having them get (forced ) vaccinated and /or else leave them job less where they cannot feed themselves and their families. Together a mass of people and employees should file lawsuits. Including parents together file law suits in schools, Colleges of not allowing students in if they are not vaccinated. People together we can fight this!

Time to wake up. Why is big pharma relieved of being liable if something happens to someone that gets the vaccination?????

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Unfortunately a lot of people believed the "Fear" of Coronavirus and "Rushed" wearing masks, staying home, accepted not working, not attending school , and "Ran" to get the Covid Vaccine! Without searching to see if it is actually good for them and the long term effects... This was a "Test" from the World Order/Reset to see how people will react and to learn what works so they can CONTROL THEM WORLD WIDE! (Unfortunately, Most Politicians have gotten paid very well to "help" them with their Plans. They are Greedy and do not care about their country's people's well - being )

They are following the World Order/Reset. We each one of us have a duty to be aware and protect our families
People Wake Up and Save yourselves, children and generations to come. Stick together for your Rights, with your friends and family, children and Freedom!!! We Can do this Together .
Do Not Let them Divide Us! Today they are using Race, Vaccines to Divide Us. Tomorrow, we do not know of what else they will come up with. Stay Strong and Awaken!
Do not give up your religion rights and your family values, your customs and your Constitutional rights of your country! Do not give up your Country for what it stood for. Remember they are a handful "Rich" people. But "WE THE PEOPLE ARE A LOT MORE"
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Theroadtroll 2 months ago

Sic em sister.funny how it seems women now days have more balls than men.they will continue until they are stopped.if everyone said no to the masks after their 14 days to slow cov down was over.we wouldnt be fighting off masks and jabs now.

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