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MSOM with Patel Patriot: The Redpilling of America Accelerates

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 7,175 Views
Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode of Making Sense of the Madness, Sean Morgan interviews Patel Patriot about his latest analysis of breaking events and how they fit into the context of devolution. The vaccine mandate as unconstitutional and frustrating as it is...will wake up America and make them demand or accept Trump again. Is Biden in control at all? We discuss all this and more in this devolution focused interview.


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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 8 days ago

Trump is one of them. Always was. '2021 will be the best year ever.' 'Trump is a man of his word'. Neither. The people many are thinking are 'the elite' are not and these people are beholden to the actual 'elite'. Trump would not have been anywhere without him or his father having been in the pockets of the World Bank families. It's just that simple. Either this generation makes its mark on history or we will be history. It really doesn't get any clearer than that.

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 4 days ago

'disliked' with no reasoning. No counter argument. Just someone so caught up in being right they will eschew logic when all evidence points to the contrary. I am pliable. I can be swayed with reasoning and facts, but not 'Trump was sent by God.' You'd have to prove that to me.

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arturofontevilla 9 days ago

We should speak openly of Trump and his puzzling calls for vaccination. I think millions of Trump supporters have been caught off guard. Just a few months ago he seemed like our saviour and for that I am downright heartbroken. Especially since we have no leader in the world as powerful as him in whom to put our hope. But the facts are stubborn. If we review the history since Trump came to the White House, we will have to agree with David Icke, who already said before the elections that Trump was also part of the swamp. And he was right. In his mandate He never clean the swamp or take out the kraken as so many people asked him to do, nor do judged any elite paedophile. He also did not finish cleaning the intelligence agencies, nor did he made public the 9/11 files, nor did he publish the emails of Anthony Weiner and so many other things that he could have done. To make matters worse, he surrounded himself with more than suspicious characters in his government, Anthony Fauci, vice president Mike Pence corrupt and paedophile. He then appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court with a past of corruption and friend of the Clintons. I do not believe that a guy like Trump who is one step ahead of everyone, did not know his past. When you look back and wonder what has changed in the world (for the better) during Trump's tenure, you find nothing to look at. The world is far worse than before, the swamp is dirtier than before and the Deep State stronger than ever. Open your eyes if Trump returns, it will be for more of the same, since he was put there by freemasons and Jesuits to fool us. Trump is the same as is Biden Clinton Bush Obama etc… nothing but a Jesuit globalist puppet. We only depend on ourselves, we are the ones from below against those from above. For your mental health have that clear.

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 4 days ago

If we're waiting for someone to save us we're doomed.

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Shannon Piper
Shannon Piper 14 days ago

Not only is Patel Patriot really smart but I'm just gonna say it, super cute too. :) Great work!

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Good job Sean. Thank you.

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