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Most Singer song writers that make it into the Limelight are Luciferian or brainchipped... Neil Young-Ambulance Blues-Berlin- ICC- 26.02.2008

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Published on 27 Jan 2022 / In Music

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Ambulence Blues is Neil's most Luciferianish by lyrics... it's about society collapsing while workers are "just pissing in the wind."

Chris Cornell was not Luciferian and told you the brainchip secret tutor he had before being suicided:

Doloras was suicided by brainchip, another sacrificed sheep to the brainchip slaughter:
Doloras is a good example, because she was hearing voices and the monsters(Freemasons) destroyed her life as much as they could. She realized that her "band" were just luciferians and walked away from them but she did not understand the voice in her head.
When Doloras passed the Luciferian lyrics that the Freemasons fed into her head via brainchip... over to the "Misbehaving Mutts"... back to actual Luciferians They wanted to make a outstanding kickoff into the lime-light, so they had the brainchip-zombie "Doloras" suiciced via brainchip-zombie implant. The "Misbehaving Mutts" changed the way to sing the song "zombie" to be more sad because the plan was to murder Doloras via brainchip-zombie implant... which is sad.:

Alan Watt was a writer for other singers, told what message the lyrics were supposed to convey... (almost makes me wonder if he is another secret Luciferian, if so, he is the most revealing of all of them) now, what podcast did he say that in? I can't find it just now.

"LIVE" is a luciferian group:
As is Maddona a Luciferian:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

A video like this tricks you to think that the monsters are over there... in another country... no the Freemasons hide themselves and they are living on your North-American city block performing their daily atrocities. They feel the hollowing-outness inside their bodies as they murder or backstabb humanity.
That hollow feeling is a message from their, our Creator-God asking them to save their own souls... that there is no saviour coming to save their pathetic souls. There is always an attempt to help them save their souls, but in the end, it is their choice to destroy their own vital-essence. Yes, the Creator-God creates a playground where the wicked are rewarded to show their true colours of treachery and murder... The Creator-God manifests the illusion of success to the Luciferians in order to help them display their true internal nature as a failed soul. I am giving you the real secrets of Earthly framework reality, but humorously, the Luciferians are lost and they refuse to listen to their admitted path towards salvation. Instead, they seek the fake salvation of a fake mind-upload into a fake-Lucifer. All this fakeness will be realized upon their physical deaths. I will be there to kick their asses into a big black box that they are tricked into worshipping rather than honouring God-Given life.

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