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More Important than All the Tanks!

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 04 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Correction: The Bradley and the CV90 do share tracks and roadwheels. So hurrah, a minuscule bit of cross-compatibility.

In our last video, which covered the tank transfers from the West to Ukraine, we made a big error! We overlooked one crucial aspect of the discussion regarding Leopards, Abrams, and Challengers going to Ukraine: media cover or, better said, media cover-up. While everybody, including ourselves, has been laser-focused on covering the capabilities and the importance of this tank transfer, all the other weapon systems that have been pledged at the latest Ramstein Summit have gone almost completely under the radar.

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An article by Stan
Narrated by AlcazarVoice
Edited by @BattlehammerWoT
Sound edited by AlcazarVoice

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