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More Demonrats fired, Felony Charges for Pedo Joe, Zuckerberg grilled in Congress, Trudeau busted for “Great Reset” speech, Kraken to be released, Med Bed Coming, Victory Timeline near!

3D to 5D Consciousness
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Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

More demonrats are being exposed and removed by the POTUS. The latest being Mark Esper and Chris Krebs. Pedo Joe is wanted on felony charges in Ukraine. He can kiss his dream of becoming a president good-bye. Mark Z. was grilled in congress and as usual, he’s ignorant of the day to day operation of his own business. Fake Trudeau has been busted for his “Great Reset” speech. Sydney Powel is going to release the Kraken. Got great intel on that. Successful protests in Denmark and France. Med beds are coming, and anti-aging technology is here. We are closer to the victory timeline!

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Ra§§era 雨宮
Ra§§era 雨宮 13 days ago

Where did you get the video on the med beds? Thank you for all your hard work!

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Harideva Luu
Harideva Luu 26 days ago

Namaskar, Thanks for your Diligence. Utsava is another Great Source of Inspiration! BNK

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avus17 1 month ago

Justin Trudeau is Justin Castro that tells everything

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Tina59 2 months ago


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TamBam 2 months ago

She said namaste.... Isnt yoga a bad thing. Dont they say that after yoga practices?

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avus17 1 month ago

As i know yoga is opening your chakras to the demonic entities.

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