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More Demonrats fired, Felony Charges for Pedo Joe, Zuckerberg grilled in Congress, Trudeau busted for “Great Reset” speech, Kraken to be released, Med Bed Coming, Victory Timeline near!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 15,405 Views
Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

More demonrats are being exposed and removed by the POTUS. The latest being Mark Esper and Chris Krebs. Pedo Joe is wanted on felony charges in Ukraine. He can kiss his dream of becoming a president good-bye. Mark Z. was grilled in congress and as usual, he’s ignorant of the day to day operation of his own business. Fake Trudeau has been busted for his “Great Reset” speech. Sydney Powel is going to release the Kraken. Got great intel on that. Successful protests in Denmark and France. Med beds are coming, and anti-aging technology is here. We are closer to the victory timeline!

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Great Observation and Reporting.

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Anasazi 18 hours ago

Thank you Nye Nyun!!! I shall support when I receive funds.

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dominicmdet 2 days ago

Ran across you post on UGETube and it’s truly nice to find someone showing how to achieve the light not just talking about the light.


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Sweettea 2 days ago

I really like you’re show because you cover all shared information which is needed for US citizens and I like to think outside the box. People are always shaking their head and saying conspiracy theory. There is a Rabbi that uses the Torah codes to see what God says about election. It is very good. I can send to you if you wish. I loved the medical advancements. Thank you very much

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tom marsch
tom marsch 3 days ago

nice show ,,i live in general santos city southern philippines...i moved here from n.j. with my family because i thought hiiiary was going to win ,,,im watching from a safe location now,,,go Trump Go Q,,wwg1wga

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