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Money, Riffles And Now Joints For Jabs! Desperation 101

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 103 Views
Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

The "Joints for Jabs" program announced by state officials Monday will permit pot retail shops to give away a single pre-rolled joint to anyone over 21 who gets a shot at an on-site vaccine clinic by July 12.

Money, Riffles And Now Joints For Jabs! Desperation 101

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 days ago

It is without need to [explain] Qballs~ /_\ anymore that you’m either KNOW what the hell is going on in here in Purgatory in 2021 C.E. long before 2094 C.E. Returns too the End of the MUD FLOOD Wars of Incubator Babies in 1893 A.D., or youm are just: one of the many Mindless Masses…

That spoken’ I need to give a little background on this Video you can download from (Ugetube) and Study a Machine that Made It self out of {Nano Dust} called Gallium……., and the “Liquid” Metal of the Same Substance made by way of CODE + Alchemy + Magic = Sorcery!!!!

Remember in JADE HELM 15 under the “Alex Jones” and all that was accomplished in that TIME LINE of 2015 to the Election of Trump and the #QANON of 2020…

What I NEED you now too focus on: my Romantic Warriors is {A.I. Nano Tech} and Dust, and These #COAVAXXED injections for the (COVID - 19) +=+ cause many of the Mindless Masses MASON or not, and maybe even (youm) yourself if you got the “INJECTIONS” here in 2020 to 2021 of the 60 below Zero Activation Vaccines is that the [Nano Dust] [{**}] we have all breathed into our Blood, and Flesh, and Bones, and this little ROBOT that youm {do so see} [{*}] here with it “6 legs” is now attached to your BRAIN STEM……..,

and too be certain` the BRAIN STEMS of any whom was not like {WE ARE} The REAL JEWS from the Book of Revelation whom {are immune} to ALL the A.I. RAPTURES of these Screens using TV as a Weapon of Colours – Sounds – Movement……...,

and yes, these things built “themselves” within all whom breathed in these CHEM TRAILS day after day / month after month / year after year, and this (BUG) is not Real; as far as, this side of FLAT EARTH, nor Biological to our Yellow Sun, but is it a Synthetic {Life Form} that attaches to your BRAIN STEM gaining access too all Things you see, hear, smell, taste, and even touch….

We Are: will leave it at that for now, so JAMES The Impossible Channel can share this BLIP in one of his upcoming WHAT DO YOU THINK this or it is.?.?.?.?

These things are in the many of all nations U.N. FLAGS People, Persons, and Populations [on this side] of OUR Northern Hemisphere’ as compared too their THEY LIVE: Southern Hemisphere in our (Shared) Celestial Sphere of Purgatory, but they are not ACTIVE in WE ARE whom have The “REAL” Holy Water Spirit from the NEW TESTAMENT Gospel……., and even if this things is and are inside (you) or your children, It is now your duty to find out why, and what it does to WE THE PEOPLE….

The Commander~

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