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Mind control research in Norway 1 of 4 Mystery School Cult of Medical-Mafia are Lurking in every Country

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Published on 04 May 2022 / In Technology

I would not be surprised if the Freemason/Nazi lobotomized poorly-treated, guinea-pig, Erling to stop him from talking more about being experimented upon by monsters of the wwCult.
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In 1956 brain researcher Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen buildt his own laboratory at Gaustad psychiatric hospital in Norway supported by Chief Medical Officer Karl Evang, Minister of Social Affairs Gudmund Harlem and Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen.
Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen had his background in the OSS (precursor to the CIA), was active in the US space programme, partisipated in the CIAs MKUltra-programe, cooperated closely with Wilder Penfield and Jose Delgado and had research-contracts with the US Army, Navy and Air Force. And where Delgado used animals, Sem-Jacobsen used psychiatric patients at Gaustad as guinea pigs in his brain research where he operated electrodes into the brains of non consenting patients.
Per Isdahl who has been chief psychologist at Gaustad hospital and investigated the conditions says "a huge project was to controle peoples behaviour through controling their brains physically from distance through electronic connections in sutch a way that people themselves did not know they were being controled".
Among other things Sem-Jacobsen also glued electrodes to the heads of soldiers and claimed he could read their "soul life".

The Mytery School of secret-society SS thUgs who now use their brainchip technology to genocide the sheeple.

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