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MILEY CYRUS ADAM'S APPLE REMOVAL SURGERY Caught By MAG Months After Exposing This Entertainment Man Earlier

JamesRoss - 319 Views
Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment


"Sodomites sound like female... sound like woman when a big old man..."

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shortycsa 1 month ago

Miley Virus is a fucking dude! Why the hell doesn't this surprise me? So she, he, it whatever the hell it is was a transkid and daddy's boy toy! Hollywood won't burn fast enough!!!!

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

I never questioned it until MAG pointed it out... It is amazing how many transgenders are in the entertainment spotlight without singing talent... just voice-overs and autotune... The Luciferian and wannabees have a pact of silence in exchange for fame and riches and tricking the sheeple. Luciferians masters encourage this as a form of worshiping deception... The entire point of it is to deceive as a ritual... just like JFK is exposed by MAG as not actually being the one who died. I didn't figure that either.... hmmm...

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