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Miki Klann and Ann Leflore on Turn the Page with Janine

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 108 Views
Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

YES before 1871-- it's all based on the 14 Amendment signed in 1866 but never ratified after Lincoln was taken out that was the resurge of the state's rights going into the realm of corporation.

I believe David Straight's remedy has holes in it. Some of it works and some of it does not. LB Bork's original DeJure remedy to get back to our pure original 35 statehood constitutional status. I think David Straight, who talks a great talk, patchworked it from many other remedies especially the original by LB Bork.

My friend who wrote the Red Amendment, LB Bork has it right for reclaiming our status thru the Constitution and our own nationality in our own state. I know it goes back to pre Declaration of Independence but we can pick it up from before the the 14 amendment or the red Amendment.

Miki Klann and Ann Leflore Turn the Page with Janine

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