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Michael Moore's documentary 'has exposed green energy as a fraud'

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Published on 30 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Michael Moore's documentary, 'Planet of the Humans' has exposed the "swindlers" who are peddling misinformation and the environmental benefits of green energy, according to Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly.

Mr Moore's documentary, which is available free of charge on the internet, casts doubt over the efficacy of renewables, in particular solar and wind energy.

The documentary filmmakers argue some green energy is hindering, rather than helping, the fight against dangerous climate change.

Many environmentalists, including Yale Climate Connections, have criticised the film, claiming it relies on outdated depictions of renewable energy.

Yale Climate Connections said while renewables do have a carbon footprint, it is smaller than non-renewable energy.

However, Mr Kelly told Sky News "Moore exposes everything about green energy."

"Moore's film, what makes it so important, is because he is a character of the left," he said.

"This is the moment where they say, the emperor has no clothes."

"He exposes everything about green energy as simply a fraud peddled by a whole lot of swindlers who are making an absolute fortune out of it, and ultimately, it's not even environmentally friendly.

All these wind turbines and solar panel, they have a life of 15 to 20 years."

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renosimpson 2 months ago

I have a flawless solution. We round up all politicians, philanthropists and elite, toss them in a vat and turn them in to bio-fuel. We paid for their mass/body fat (useless eaters) so it is only fitting that we use it as we see fit. Doing this will 1. Reduce the population 2. Offset oil need and 3. Free the people of tyranny. Let’s make this our “green new deal”

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