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Michael Burry Just Predicted Another HUGE Crash! (Here’s Why…)

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Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Michael Burry Just Predicted Another HUGE Crash! (Here’s Why…) 2022 and 2023 Stock Market Crash Prediction

LEGENDARY Investor Michael Burry just predicted another huge crash

Michael Burry ever since 2008 where he foresaw the last housing collapse has made a multitude of contrarian predictions about markets that have all slowly turned into reality.

In early 2021, Burry stood against the bullish sentiment at the time and predicted that we would see massive inflation prints for years to come and warned investors of the coming stock market crash, but no one listened to him.

He then went on to warn against the huge cryptocurrency bull-run that was taking place, warning investors that the problem with what was going on was the leverage in markets and warning that the “mother of all crashes was coming”.

Fast forward to today, to everyone's surprise, all of his predictions came true, with the stock market getting battered throughout 2022 due to high inflation and cryptocurrency down 70% plus across the board, with huge players in the market being wiped out by… excessive leverage, just as burry warned.

Now, in a cryptic warning to investors, Burry has tweeted - you have no idea how short I am. A clear message to investors, this crash is FAR from over.

And he’s not alone in his viewpoint.

Famed investors and tech billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, Chamath Palihapitiya & Jeremy Grantham all agree that there is much, much more pain to come for markets.

In this video, we will go over exactly what Burry is predicting will happen as well as the view points from other investors and why they think 2023 is going to be a bad year for markets.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where we will cover why Burry believes we are not even CLOSE to the bottom of markets and how he is personally positioning his portfolio to survive the upcoming crash.

About Michael Burry:

Michael James Burry is an American investor, hedge fund manager, and physician. He founded the hedge fund Scion Capital, which he ran from 2000 until 2008 before closing it to focus on his personal investments.

My Instagram:
Email: [email protected]

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pedopeter 2 months ago

I predict he will die from a shot to the back of his head by a nail gun and it will be determined a suicide. Bye

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