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Melbourne, Australia travel restriction regarding the covid scam

Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

The corrupt police have set her up a few days later arrested her and broke her car window after she refused to disclose her details. It is very obvious it was a revenge for passing through the check point with the police "permission".

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whatIthinkisright 6 months ago

Too easy !

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O.KOI 6 months ago

The video doesn't work

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Now you would think that doing a WRITE IN VOTE of people you know to be The TOWN MAYOR, and The City Council, and The School Boards is the PROPER way to elect people in your COMMUNITIES, and that all these POLITICAL PARTIES are just a part of PURGATORY to keep you in bondage to them FREE MASON Lodge Members in your places and locations no matter where you live on this FLAT EARTH inside our Celestial Sphere TEMPORARY Temporal Body Temple Avatars of FLESH and BLOOD and BONES, so here is the deal… YOU WANT ONLINE VOTING where you can use your INMATE NUMBER that is your Social Security NATIONAL I.D. so when you VOTE for people, it can be done Encrypted and Securely as your $10,000.00 Digital Transfers to make sure only PEOPLE Alive can VOTE and [Be Verified] /_\ with the NATIONAL DATA BASE of your said Country, State, Nation, County, Province, District, or Region…


If you will but WRITE DOWN Thomas Andrew Sutor for The PRESIDENT in 2020 for the USA, then I will tell the whole fucking world that (COVID19) is a CORPORATE Take Over of all U.N. FLAGS, and that those whom work for the U.N. this CDC called the WHO are faking all Medications and Vaccines too MAKE YOU SICK; Moreover, I know why they want everyone to Wear THE MASK and then Goggles, and then STAY AT HOME cause you ain’t got no {Fucking Jobs} too go to anymore ANYWAY!!!! Cause in PURGATORY, we all die out by 2094 C.E. so the SIMULATION can Restart and we can all do REPEAT – REPEAT - REPEAT aka “LOGUNS RUN” I have done this before, I have Been Here Before, is this DE-JA-VU????

With Thomas Andrew Sutor as The President of the UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA we will dismantle the WORLD POLICE known as Peacekeepers, and All Debts will be Forgiven, and All Liars, Cheats, and FAKE SPACE Ass Holes will go to Jail and Prison for all their LIES of this and that and you know: ALL THE BULLSHIT that “these people” whom PUT US OUT OF WORK to make us do WAR IS MURDER when “Thomas Andrew Sutor” can FORGIVE ALL STUDENT LOAN DEBTS, Shut down the Stock Market, and we can make WHAT EVER “we need” in any Country cause it will be about INDUSTRY not CAPITALISM for a FREE PEOPLE do not need C.O.P.S. or PARAMILITARIES when we are all “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as Fellow Citizens with a say in The RULE OF LAW…

YOU can do ONLINE VOTING cause my “ONLINE BANKING” is way more important then These POLITICS of “never” getting anything done!!!

Heretofore, if we want PURGATORY to be whatever we the Good and Kind and True DESIRE, then we ABOLISH ALL THE OLD LAWS, and make Them RULE OF LAWS and ORDERS only just, and fair, and sane, and THOU SHALT NOT LIE “will be one” of them muther fuckers!!!!

The Sentinel...

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” The Society of nonmason~


NEVER FORGET the U.N. FLAG of the UNITED STATES “Betrayed” The DEMOCRACY of HONG KONG another “U.N. FLAG” to be MURDERED by the U.N. FLAG of MADE IN CHINA!!! These people are all FREE MASON Lodge Member and they “will never help” we the NONMASON Citizens of our lands…


Pay unto CAESAR what is Caesar??? CODE for SATAN that the Dammed, and the Cursed, and The Forsaken shall and will do for WAR IS MURDER and Murder is against The Rule of God, so whom do you pay SATAN or GOD for no man be they Male or Female can have TWO MASTERS in Purgatory!!!


Do So tell me U.S. Citizens why the U.S. FLAG Military works HAND IN HAND with the Chinese FLAG Military and the UNITED NATIONS owns WE THE PEOPLE of the USA????

The Commander~


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