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Media Bear!! High Impact - Brian tonight LIVE.mp4

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Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In People and Blogs

Y'all head on over to Youtube & give Brian a shoutout! Tell him DarlnDar sent you!
" HighImpactFlix " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbYEc46n4JU He has a LIVE stream that will start tonight @ 6pm CST Here: https://dlive.tv/HighImpactFlix

Also here are his other contact Platforms:

While we have this YT connection, please subscribe below:
- Members Only Content: https://bit.ly/HighImpactTVWebSite​
- Odysee Channel: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@HighImpa...​
(use this link to get 3 LBC tokens & earn more by watching censor-FREE content)
- BitChute Channel: http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixonBitChute​

- GAB - http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixGAB​
- Twitter: http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlix-Twitter

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