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May 21, 2022 PROCESS AND PUBLISH The State of the World | How Are You Coping? | Stay Close!

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 21 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Monkey Pox is being used to mask the adverse reactions of the mRNA shots.

Globalist agendas, fake elections, the illusion of choice and the Monkey Pox Bogeyman - one of the side effects of the Jab is shingles, they have renamed shingles, Monkey Pox!

Most governments are involved, they took the financial bribes to come against us! Wake up people! The longer you keep falling for it, the longer they will continue the lies!

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Search for truth and share; we must all take part in saving our world! When the world wakes, the cabal will be dismantled. Ant then our lives can be better than ever!

Every country will flourish, the way God intended. It's going to take every one in the world to help, by understanding the truth and then saying NO to these wicked people. United...we can end this, now!

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Spiritual War, Tribulation, Revelations, God Will Wipe Away Every Tear, As It Is in Heaven

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