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Massive Johnson and Johnson Lawsuit, Skirting Liability, AND You ARE Taking Their Jab?

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 01 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics

Massive J and J Lawsuit, Skirting Liability, AND You're Taking Their Jab?

Boom Bust FULL SHOW:
UK flexes military muscle, plans to deploy warships to counter China
21 Jul, 2021 18:09
Big Pharma sector, where Johnson & Johnson is eyeing a new liability strategy for its controversial talcum powder liabilities. Mike Papantonio, host of America’s Lawyer, digs into the reports and the firm’s history.

The 3 Biggest Criminals Behind the Plandemic, Defined and Exposed, You All Still Believe Them

Prescribing Death. Pharma Industrial Complex Death Wish

Do No Harm, The Silent Pandemic, Shocking Revelation of the Pharma's Heroin Pandemic

The Jab, Nanoparticles for Ads, Aggressive Suggestive Mind Control Advertisements

Nurenberg 2.0, Lawsuit Against the Globalist Plandemic Architects, WHO, CDC, Davos

The 5G Connection to the Coronavirus. Bombarding Frequencies Making Us Sick, Disrupting Our Auras

Hacking the Brain with Nanoparticles

Long Term Jab Symptoms on Kids, Parents Sound Alarm

Hospital Collapse in Costa Rica, NAW, Just Propaganda, Video Outside Hospital & Clinic Under Orange Alert

I’m a Clinical Lab Scientist - COVID-19 Is Fake. PCR Pos Test are Influenza A and B

Pfizer Reportedly Asking for Military Bases, Sovereign Assets As Collateral Pfizer has become a terrorist.

Lab origin of COVID 19

Plandemic, Compromising Our No. 1 and 2 Defense Systems are Intentional

Covid Vaccine Jab Side Effects, Allergy, You Won't See on MSM or YT

Plandemic Profiteering, The F’s and Z’s of Politicking

Hospital Paybacks, Repo Houses, Drive By Doctors. A Mal Practice from the Un Professionals

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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist 2 months ago

great post doc

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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist 2 months ago

follow the links

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