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MARK ATTWOOD'S NEW POEM - WAKE THE [email protected] UP!

Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward - 248 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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mytruebliss 9 days ago

I like all of Mark Attwood’s Poems

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 days ago

Teacher…., Why do people like CRROW777 – ODDTV – The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction not address the MUD FLOOD community in their U-Tube shows and Internet Pod Cast.?.?.?

When we consider [so much] Qballs~ /_\ that we are seeing on YouTubbers is just more Backed Up OLD Material presented as NEW from the {Post Mud Flood} Cataclysm, and those MUD FLOOD WARS as we relate to the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, and then that all {NEWS} World Order “Media” be it Print to Radio must follow The Script of what was being Made and Talked about each Decade, then you whom read [these works] can see that each time we hit 2094 C.E. The Mechanization of this CONSTRUCT our Celestial Sphere PLANET EARTH called Purgatory is and was made to “Repeat” the last 200 years FOREVER and EVER of what turned our Home World of PLANET EARTH into the Inner Chambers of our {Dead Moon} in the Night and Day Skies…

Now, if these people whom say [they know] FLAT EARTH is the Reality: will not address the MUD FLOOD WARS it is because they too are just MEMORIES and Reflections “presented” as Real People when ODDTV will not even make a FLAT EARTH Video on our Celestial Sphere, and The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction will not ELABORATE on why the word Purgatorial and RAPTURE are no where to be be found in the Old Testament Gospels, nor the New Testament Gospels, and why CRROW777 like {Quantum of Consciousness} does not point out that the WALK Through of the U.S. FLAG Capital on January 6 2021 was just the Cast and Crew of a “False Flag” TV SHOW?????

Have not {WE ARE} The Rag Tag Rebellion already shown the TV Screens SORCERY of the USA is the most Powerful U.N. Troops in this world, and that JADE HELM 15 was “remade” into the CODE WORDS (COVID19), and is it not oddtv that none of these [Characters] and their Pod Cast and Websites even A Call for an Uprising do not {delve in Deeper} on Trumps Executive Order for Radiation Power Supplies made by Uranium and Plutonium even if Nukes are not Real, we all know the mixing of Hydrogen Fuel aka A Liquid Gas, and Oxygen Fuel that Fuels these F-16 to the F-32 fighter jets of WAR IS MURDER, and it too is a “Liquid Gas” that if mixed together in just a Propane Tank can create these 1 mile Expulsions that took out Tokyo, and those other Two Cities in JAPAN at the end of WORLD WAR TWO???

You are right to Question all these things like why QANON talks of Trump as a God when Trump is a FREE MASON as much as Joe Biden is a FREE MASON…

However, all these things [we reflect on] in our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy offline Gaming STUDY Rooms also are only on these {2D Flat Screens} of Sorcery……., and I have never met any of these You-Tube People in person…..., and nor have you….., and when we can’t even meet with our Local Leaders let alone the STATE Nations Governors and Mayors of our 50 States, then it seems only the MACHINE called the EDISON of Forced Slave Labor “called” the Word EMPLOYEE and Debt Slave in the N.T. knows [what and why] NO ONE is going to their Capitals, and why TV is just more Magic + Code + Alchemy too keep you “my people” and children of Pak-Toe in a State of Illusions, and Delusions, and Misdirection cause do you not find it: ODDTV that no one talks about the INNER Earth Cities and D.U.M.B.S., and that no one has ever actually “seen” the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, and its SOUTH POLE STAR that is the {Opposite Side} of our Northern Hemisphere FLAT EARTH with our NORTH POLE STAR???

Worry not my people and children of Pak-Toe for when things make NO Sense, and IT does not add up, you say to you’m self: Purgatory will be Purgatory, and as The Oracle, I must “reflect” on many things, and not just [going home] after our last FUTURE BIRTHS before 2077…

The Book of EXODICE!!!


You my children and People of Pak-Toe “continue” too Prep and prepare for 2025 as WE DO REMAIN, and we can see {Nothing Adds up} on any U-Tube or Social Media Channel cause unlike the things we Ponder, Reflect, and Appropriate too MITIGATE in our “Adjudication” Life Walk: till WE ARE Redeemed too our Human Creators, we will still have to deal with these Illusions and Disillusions called: The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken….

The Society of nonmason~


Remember, my people and children of Pak-Toe that PURGATORY will advance [on them] that are not allowed to leave this place of Reconciliation – Reconsideration – Regrets……., For the THINGS we have done’ while our Mortal Enemy “The Racka” have NO REGRETS for they are Monsters, and Vampires, and Pirates, and all the like: as spoke of in the NEW TESTAMENT about why MASONS shalt and will never “find” Redemption here in PURGATORY cause THEY LIVE are never allowed to leave, and if the Purgatorial can [Trick or Treat] you into Disparaging THOUGHTS of Disillusionment, then you my children and elders of Pak-Toe {will never leave} this place of Hell, and Hades, and the WORLD OF THE DEAD for does not the New Testament say: Even the “Elect” can be fooled and played and brought down by their own petty human desires of “trying to fit in” with a WORLD GONE MAD.?.?.?.?

As we all Relive the Memory of What happened to the People of Earth and Why their Celestial Sphere became that Awful Horror known as our Moon Luna and La La…, never doubt YOUR RESOLVE too leave Purgatory once and for all…

The Sentinel…….

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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RicardoAFaulks 9 days ago

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