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March 4th DC also SpaceX Starship video ,GeneDecode #36

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Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics
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Sparkitus 2 months ago

Spacex looked like a fake launch to me..

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HarleyGirl06 2 months ago

I'm shocked at the ignorance of the people cheering and laughing when the SpaceX Starship crashed. What is wrong with people?

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smokeymtnwoman 2 months ago

Hi cirsten. Love your show. And your makeup n clothes n your hair.. It really has grown n looks healthier since you started using the products you talked about. This is a video..up to you if you want to delete it from here. But its for you. I had it on my old phone n found it tonight. Its 8yrs old. But its the written words of the cabal. And their plans. Its truly horrifying..even though. WE KNOW!! Wanted to pass it to you in case you can use the info.
??? https://youtu.be/ok6lTT_I4ko

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[email protected] 2 months ago

Where is Gene? I don't get it? I watch you to see him. If he is no longer of value to you then please let us know and we can stop following you! Thank you!

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Sewnya 2 months ago

What wall? What writing?
What happened to the before March Taiwan and US forces occupying mainland China?
What happened to Trump, Putin, Xi and, Modi taking down the cabal?

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dashing 2 months ago

what happened to TRUMPS 3 / 4 / 2021 inauguration

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