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Man of the Hour - Sheila and the TSP (Official Music Video)

nubzillarecords - 97 Views
Published on 26 Jul 2021 / In Music

This is, by far, one of the most important music videos I have ever created. (Viewer discretion is advised.) It's also one of the most important songs I have ever written.

I hope you'll watch it all the way through, even when it's hard to watch, because it's important.

When I wrote "Man of the Hour" in 2008, I had a grand vision for a music video for the song, but didn't have the means to make it happen at the time. Thanks to 2020 and all of the citizen journalists out there, my vision has finally been fulfilled.

So, who is the "Man of the Hour?" The Man of the Hour is the person on your television screen (or device) who is selling you a viewpoint. Whether it's black against white, gay against straight, woman against man, rich against poor, Republican against Democrat, young against old, etc., their goal of their message is to polarize us against one another. They want us divided. Why?

Divided we are weak. United we are strong.

Don't give them the satisfaction.

If I could urge everyone reading this to do one thing, it's this: turn off your television. Guard your mind and keep it clear of propaganda. Instead, go and talk to your neighbors. Go and talk to your friends. Remember your humanity. Look for the common ground that unites you. It's going to be important to remember why you love each other on the road ahead.

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