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Magnetic MEAT! Why Are Magnets Sticking To Packaged Meat?

Land of the Free
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Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

What do you think? I don't eat meat but if I did, I'd be checking it out first...Is this the cause of the magnetic bodies? I don't think so. But I think this might be "their" back up plan to track everyone. Someone commented: "I did a test with that Safeway chicken meat the man showed in this video, with my magnet at home, and the magnet does stick to the chicken meat! Won't buy Safeway chicken meat again!!🔥" And someone responded:
"All farmed animals are vaccinated -- free-range, organic, including birds and fish. It's not surprising these animals are now also being given the mRNA injection that creates magnetized proteins. Watch video on my channel "Vaccines are in ALL Meat & Milk - Vaccinated Farm Animal Facts" Don't know if that's true that all farmed meat is vaccinated. Just some food for thought.
Another newer video on the topic here:

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Unoraza DragonsPaw_Blogspot

Perhaps the high iron content?

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thehellhole 5 months ago

tried this with my chicken too, fridge magnet and a quarter. both stuck to the chicken!
unfortunately i'm unsure if it cooks out, but i'm not the one preparing meals in my house so i don't really have much choice but to eat it

to think that this crap found its way up to new england is nuts tbh

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Land of the Free
Land of the Free 5 months ago

Wow! Thanks for the feedback! Try it after it's cooked? Maybe wash the magnet first so you can still eat it if it's not. You might want to share the magnetic state of your food with whoever prepares the food in your house. Just a thought.

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finpeople 6 months ago

I just got back from my Carlsbad ca 92009 Sprouts supermarket and as a joke I tested the Grassfed beef with a magnet. When the magnet stuck to the meat I went pal and my body went into shock for a moment as I realized that this is real and the enormity of what I just witnessed. I showed it to the head butcher an older gentleman and his assistant and they said others have tested the meat and found the same thing. The head guy said it was probably the mRNA vax given to the animals right after the meat industry was in the United States was shut down due to Ransom ware attach about three weeks ago because he said that this just started to happen recently. All I can say is OMG and take any kind of magnet with you shopping and show your friends and family and I would start testing the milk and eggs as well.

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Land of the Free
Land of the Free 6 months ago

WOW! Thank you for your personal experience! That makes all this even more real. I don't eat meat but I would certainly be testing it now if I did. I don't understand. So, are you saying, they used to not give animals an mRNA vaccine and now they are? If so, that would make sense. The covid mRNA vax makes people magnetic, why wouldn't it make animals magnetic?

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Helen Cox
Helen Cox 6 months ago

The meat industry are trying to kill all Americans

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