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MAG Exposes VOODOO Fakery... There Are No "Evil Spirits"... Just Brainwashed People Who Do Wicked Acts

JamesRoss - 167 Views
Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

Two years ago Youtube was pushing Mag's vids off, now Bitchute is blocking some.
I got some good laughs here but for the most part MAG is right on with his comments.
The Luciferianism is world wide and they promote the mysterious Voodoo and Black Magic and Witchcraft in order to hide the spiritual foundations of the soul.

The Creator-God provides you to be at the center of your perception of the universe. If you want to be wisked away with false beliefs, then you will manifest the what you believe in and desire. That is the basis of your personalized co-created playground.
If you want Luciferian thUgs to genocide the good people off the Earth and you don't resist, then the Luciferians will take control of your Earth. Most people dislike the truth when it contradicts their current beliefs.

There is a loving Creator-God who provides an evolving playground for mankind to grow-up within. Some playgrounds get destroyed, don't let that happen to yours.

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TheCozmikTruth 2 months ago

Funny how he claims that there are no such thing as evil spirits only people who do wicked things... Yet the very same people who run this world are killing children to these evil spirits in exchange for power.... Yeah there are no evil spirits..... Right ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

You will see what you believe in, the bumbs in the night will be your evil spirits... Luciferians are all about believing in "evil" forces and that encourages them to perform wicked acts like the genocide of humanity over and over: It is not "evil spirits" that genocide, it is brainwashed Luciferian thUgs usually, but not always the Luciferians...

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