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Lying Liars

Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 295 Views
Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics


How many times can someone lie to you before you stop believing him? Popular podcaster Tim Pool applies this question to a source you might be trusting a little too much.


How many times does someone have to lie to you before you call them a liar?

One? Five? Twenty?

It seems like many Americans are okay being lied to over and over and over again.

Here’s just one example.

Michael Brown was a young black teenager—a “gentle giant”—who, on August 9th, 2014, during a routine police stop in Ferguson, Missouri, raised his hands and pleaded for his life as he looked down the barrel of racist white police officer Darren Wilson’s gun. Brown famously held his hands up and yelled, “don’t shoot,” before he turned and ran.

Wilson shot him six times in the back, killing him, dead.

If you bought that, you bought a lie.

Here are the facts:

Michael Brown was 6’4” and weighed 292 pounds—80 pounds heavier than Officer Wilson. He was a giant, but there was nothing gentle about him.

Brown and his friend had just robbed a convenience store. Wilson, in his police car, spotted them walking in the middle of the street—the two men matched the description of the thieves. Wilson drove up and told them to move to the sidewalk.

Brown refused, blocked Wilson from opening his car door, punched the officer through the open window, and reached for Wilson’s gun. Wilson fired in self-defense, striking Brown’s hand.

Brown ran. Wilson got out of the car and pursued him. Brown then suddenly turned and charged Wilson. Wilson repeatedly told him to stop, but Brown kept coming. Wilson shot Brown until he collapsed.

A local grand jury and federal investigators from the Obama justice department concluded that Officer Wilson was justified in his use of deadly force.

There is no evidence that Brown ever held his hands up and yelled, “don’t shoot.”

The whole story was manufactured by the media.

It wasn’t the first time. It wouldn’t be the last. Not by a long shot.

The biggest whopper of them all was the Russia Hoax—the entirely made-up story that Donald Trump the candidate and then Donald Trump the President of the United States was a Russian agent. This dark fantasy preoccupied the legacy media for three years. It involved dozens of interlocking lies, almost all of which were planted by Trump’s Democratic opponent.

Given the sad state of our corporate media, it is perfectly fitting that The New York Times and The Washington Post won Pulitzer Prizes, the highest award in journalism, for dutifully reporting each lie as if it were the gospel truth.

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