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Luciferians Run Society and Are Candy-Coating Their Death-Pills, Dont Bite The Candy-Hook

JamesRoss - 316 Views
Published on 09 Feb 2023 / In Technology

Nobody will take that brainchip out of your skull once it is installed... It is a one way ticket into their designed "Hell."
These Luciferians want to sell you on wanting their tool to extinct you.
They lie about "brainwaves"... they have to covertly implant an interface chip into your brain in order to monitor and inject thoughts... "brainwaves" are a lie to hide the needed implant: as described by Polina Anikeeva and have been under research for over 50 years:

We are not the first failing-civilization, you see: due to the treacherous ancient devils and their Luciferian-minions. Past civiliztions removed the brainchips the hard way by chipping the bone off of their skulls for access. This is why the Luciferians want you to accept their chip out of ignorance before you wisen-up to their lies.

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JamesRoss 1 month ago  

They chipped holes into their skulls while awake just to get those brainchips out. Time to wake-up to what the Luciferians are arranging through austerity. You going to "go along to get along" with the monsters? Your choices will choose your probable worlds that you experience until you choose to die. The creator-God wants you to show your true colors and all probabilities are possible in the multidimensional universe that the Creator-God manifests. You have more control of your future than the Luciferians teach you in their education systems... Here is what All-That-Is gave through Messenger-Seth:

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Maturebeauty 1 month ago

Oh HELL NO - I won’t participate in that mess. This technology has been developed, tested & implemented in Chinese children in grade school.

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