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Luciferian Hospitals Make US$100,000 Per Fake-Covid-Death

JamesRoss - 293 Views
Published on 24 Feb 2023 / In Health

Wow... A bonus payment to coroners who secretly agree to keep their mouths shut about their opinions for truth.
Corruption gone wildly out in the open...
The Luciferians(Freemasons and wwCult minions) used to keep all this type of corruption secret, but now we are like movies paying off the police in Mexico.
Things are more sick and getting sicker because the Freemasonic-Luciferians have infiltrated everything authoritative.

Dr. Peterson Pierre explains: If you have COVID and end up in the hospital, payments the hospitals receive:

#1 - CARES Act: bonus payments whenever diagnosis of COVID
#2 - the Center for Medicare and Medicaid is waiving patient rights (payment for offering free COVID test in the emergency room, booster payment if you have a diagnosis of COVID)
#3 - another bonus payment if admitted with COVID
#4 - another bonus payment if put on remdesivir
#5 - another bonus payment if put on mechanical ventilator
#6 - another 20% bonus payment if the diagnosis on death certificate says COVID
#7 - bonus payments to coroners who go along with the conspiracy and hide the truth from public

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