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Published on 26 Jan 2022 / In Film and Animation

Check out Tarot by Janine's new video where she does a reading looking into the truckers freedom convoy moving across Canada! How does it look for them? Will the DS government take a look? Will it help break the tyranny? Plus a zodiac check for humanity! Join in!

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All our videos are for entertainment purposes only, just our opinion as we see in the cards-intuitive-psychic interpretation- and not presenting as fact! Enjoy!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Fusion and Fantasy…

If you have ever read the Holy Living Bible over and over, you will see that People aka we Angels and Demons in these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones body TEMPLE’s would deny Our God was worthy too be listened to even when Our God made (Day 6) in the Book of Genesis, and I often wondered after I received The Holy Water Spirit way back in 1983 how can people DENY our GOD when our God made we and them with the wonders of Movement – Dance – Emotion......., and all the Other frantic information surging through our Human Mechanized mindless activities here in 2022 as if WE ARE and THEY LIVE could ever "think" we are more important then the One whom gave birth to All of Mankind, but then again, here in the Days of Noah one last time, we all see how CAPITALIST........., and their Religions treat the Womb of the People whom give birth to [We The People] here in 2022 as FEMALES are Property to the ONES Females Give Birth to being the Male…

Considering that I Christ Jesus Returned am a Male born Avatar, but my (Symbiots) are for the most Part Feminine, I have much emotion, and I have much compassion and though the Bible Speaks of Oracles in the New Testament, we know the Bible was wrote and [rewrote] too change the Word Prophet into the word Oracle…

However, an ORACLE has Nothing to do with being a Profit for you Capitalist and your WAR against the Womb of your Females that give birth to you as Female Prophets....

The Mixing of {Greek Legends} from Rome LORE to Mesopotamia Fairy Tales puts many additional words into the HEBREW and Greek Scriptures of the Holy Living Biblical adding WAR IS MURDER when the 10 COMMANDMENTS states people are not to MURDER one another because YOUR FLAG is not My FLAG…

However, the Only Real Oracle I know of is the FEMALE ORACLES in the Stories of Homer and the Iliad, and it is the Real reason though my Physical Body is in Male Form, my Ability too be the Oracle of and for the End of the World come 2094 CE is all feminine…

If there are times I spake: like Paul The Apostate in these many states of NEW TESTAMENT shows Paul the Apostle has frustration and will, as we are and they live is and are RELIVING the New Testament after we Saved Christ Jesus 1.0 off the Crucifixion, and it is not Christians that are "Good" in a World where EVIL will power is N.O.W. called Good, and GOOD will power is N.O.W. Called evil' for we see` the Christian is nothing more then ONE MORE Capitalist of and for Capitalism of {BUY MY SHIT} no matter the Christian Religion, nor the Christian DOGMA as all Christian dress just like the Time Androids and TRAITORS from 2045 and 2077 in their SUITS and TIES and SKIRTS here and now on TV in 2022!!!

Do as you are Told Christian!!!

Moreover, there is no Muslims – Jews – Hindus so on and so forth be it a CORPORATION LABEL as the Church of Latter-day Saints whom also dress just like (SATAN) in His internationalist SUITS and TIES and SKIRTS while allowing other Christians in other Lands too starve too [death] because their HAIR IS BLACK from Asia to Africa from South and Central America too the Middle East because THEY LIVE The Fake Jews of Hollywood USA USA USA from the Book of Revelation are The Racka in Mathew 5 have long ago after the MUD FLOOD WARS of 1855 and 1865 "replaced" Jesus and God with BUY MY SHIT called Capitalism of and for Capitalism Sake My Valentine!!!

What was – What is – What will be is the AWFUL HORROR and the Abomination of Desolation that is our MOON in the Night and Day Sky: in the Firmament of OUR Dome of The Rock of our Globe Earth Crystal Ball Celestial Sphere, and though Our God [regardless] of your RELIVING your De-Ja-Vu over and over till the END OF TIME can put us in this Purgatory after you WARRING NATIONS turned Earth into the [DEAD MOON] From the Book of Revelation' as you relive those wars Right N.O.W. and Right here that destroyed our Real Home World here and now in 2022, thence, youm never learned one damn thing here in PURGATORY: the Purgatorium called The Purgatorial, and you never will' because WAR IS YOUR GOD, not pieces of paper too do Exchanges of UP and DOWN day after day / Year after Year / A lifetime of {Lies agreed upon} only so you FREE MASON Lodge Members INTERNATIONALIST Time Traversal Capitalist on these MOON BEAN TV Screens can say:

IT IS UP!!!!


forever and ever all your live long days till the end of this world come 2094 CE…

Are YOU Catching On Yet my Machine People / Androids / Hybrids, and you the last humans here and now.?.?.?.?.?

The Mother of Our God.......

I give Birth to you, but you tell me what to do Whom Give Birth to you' because I am The WOMB` and you'm are the Womb-less.?.?.?

Purgatory will be Purgatory~

#Trixyblue ?

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