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Looking into Old Folk Tales, Can They Hold Truths?

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Published on 21 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Mirror: 21 January 2022
Tarot by Janine looks into the truth surrounding old folk tales from the middle ages! What is the truth behind these stories? Does it show us dark cult practices from way back then? Join in!

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RogueNotes 4 months ago

The Pied of the more sinister feeling folktales...........
Shall we take a trip back down to memory lane...................
Rats (animals and evil spirits) suggest squalor, abundance with decadence(food wasted) and dis-ease in the town.
The presence of rats also suggests the families are not concerned about the health of their children (leaving it to someone else)!!!!!
The Major represents incompetence and desperate leadership with no solutions......................
The Pied Piper is the unorthodox stranger offering solutions at a price! (faust, Fauci)
The flute in particular produces a tone that near resembles a perfect sine wave - the purest wave.
It also includes the timbre element of breath (wind across the mouthpiece - like vocal chords).
The instrument is remarkably capable of the nuance and expression of singing.(James Galway)
The instrument may represent a new way of speaking to people (Hypnosis)
The sinewave would represent the cell phone influencing the minds of the children without parental supervision.
The 5G "magic" would influence all the uncaring parents and people out of the town, at the request of the stupid major.
(cell phone distraction by parents instead of parenting).
The Conclusion:
Every single adult was corrupt and uncaring for their children and took the jab,
leaving the town empty of adults with just the major and children remaining.............
When the pied piper asked for payment for doing exactly what he was instructed,
the major refused saying he was tricked!
The pied piper then explained that he also must not care for the children for not paying for his service.
Picking up his pipe, the Major danced out of town!
The Pied piper then took the children to be looked after by grateful and attentive parents.
An they all lived happily ever after.
The Lesson:
If you don't look after your own children,
someone else will.....................
Another Grimm tale, nailed to the wall of enlightenment.
Cosmic hugs to you both.
Snug as a bug in a rug!

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