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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 1,692 Views
Published on 13 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

Taken from SGT Report channel

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago  

The Fallen Angels

Before we called them “STARS” in the Heavens, we used to “call them” Angels in the Heavens, and before we called them ANGELS, we used to called them “Astrons” that the word Astronomy comes from, and even “more ancient” like 10,000 years ago, we called “The Stars” the word ASTER that the Word Disaster is the ROOT of` that CATACLYSM known as the MUD FLOOD Event “of the” DAYS OF NOAH The Great Disaster!!!!, and many of you’m have {never comprehended} the BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE for you were raised to believe the LIE that the word “Bible” means the Word of G.O.D. when the word “Bible” is just the Short hand version of Biblical… Now those of you whom have never read “any of my works” as The GREAT Teacher probably “don’t know” what the word Chronicle or Canonical Means.?.?.?.?.? For you were never “given the right” too learn BIG WORDS, and you have ALWAYS allowed “others” too think for you, and “tell you” what the HOLY BIBLE means, and in that` you are “ignorant” of THE WORD, and your own existence!!!

You see..., I belong to The Society of nonmason, and we do not Take BLOOD OATHS to keep secrets from our Fellow Man “be we” male and female, but these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns, they LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING, and so do your FREE MASON Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals that “make you sick” by INTENTION, and you better look up the word INTENT, so you know the reason the Trump Card, and his FREE MASON “Doctor” keep using that word MITIGATION for this “COVID 19” World Domination Plot “by ALL these” U.N. FLAGS, and if you ain’t never heard of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges, well` that was done with INTENT as well….. Furthermost, Where are your Police “whom you pay” to PROTECT AND SERVE you the Tax Payer.?.?.?, not arrest you for LAWS` you have no say in….. Also, where are your National Guard, and Coast Guard “to the” NAVY – Marines – Air Force and ARMY whom you ALSO PAY “too protect” and serve you The CITIZEN of Your Countries.?.?.?.?.?

It seems to me “my nonmason” POPULATIONS of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, your Defenders and “Protectors” have all ABANDONED your Mega Cities……. and Small Rural Towns.?.?.?.?, and that means “anyone” from any other U.N. FLAGS like Russia and China of JADE HELM 15 can now “just show up” in your Police to Military UNIFORM Costumes…., and kill you all.?.?.?.? I mean you do have “half the brain” to think don’t yah.?.?.? So while all these CITIZENS “of our” Nations Shelter in Place, do tell me under THE RULE OF LAW where are “all these” ACTIVE SHOOTERS “telling you” to STAY HOME like little toddlers as your Bars and Clubs and Coffee Shop hang outs “are all” put OUT OF BUSINESS.?.?.?.? You might want to “get out of” your homes my nonmason, and go drive, cause I am Still alive “after the” PROGRAMMING EVENT of Easter Sun God Day “The Satyr” of 2020 T.L.

Now too my Mud Flood and Flat Earth “Magical Academy” students, and teachers, and commanders I want to share some “Knowledge” about the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. ….. When you are up in the Mountains, them Mountains “are all” MUD FLOOD Creations, and you “do not see” FALLING ROCKS my friends and allies……., but “you do see” Petrified Mud, Petrified Clay, Petrified Sand, Petrified Salts, and Petrified Dirt from the SOUP of The Only Mud Flood Extinction Event of just under 10,000 years ago…. Now for whatever reason “we seem incapable” of putting a STOP to the “continuing causes” of MASS DESTRUCTION is only BECAUSE “we nonmason” will not go to “Santa Barbara” CALIFORNIA USA, and destroy that EDISON Machine of Forced “Labor” Technology where once THE EDISON is dead…..., then the RED DRAGON of [Made In China] will come to an end once and for all, and even “if we are” put onto a Cashless Society.?.?.?, I do not need Money to “Plant Seeds” too grow Food and feed my people, so do “worry not” for OUR LIVES are TEMPORARY for a reason……... The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to the “Source of All Creation” and All Destruction has spoken…

Johnny Exodice

The are many Books of Books, but if you do not SEE the hidden Messages, you will be LOST for all time, and all Future Rebirths!!!

The Commander~

Do NOT forget my Human Trafficking Children “my People” and you will Jerk off to them till we can save all [YOUNG TRANNY SEX] Slaves “of these” U.N. FLAGS…



The Society of nonmason~

We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka….. WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!!!


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