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Loca D on Doing 31 Years in Prison for Killing 2 Latin Kings (Full Interview)

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Published on 10 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

In this full-length interview, Jacqueline "Loca D" Montanez talks about being a former member of Chicago's maniac Latin Disciples and growing up in West Chicago. She reveals that her stepfather was a high-ranking member of Latin Kings. At age seven, Jacqueline started getting raped at home by him. Her mother didn't know about it in the beginning, but she started to learn about it when she turned 12 years old. In response, her mother gave Jacqueline up to Child Protective Services in order to protect her from her stepdad. Jacqueline subsequently ran away from the group home she was sent to and joined the maniac Latin Disciples. As the discussion moves along, she explains how she was initiated into the criminal organization before detailing their cross-town rivalry with the Latin Kings. 

Later in the interview, she talks about getting arrested for killing two of her gang's rivals (in an act of retaliation because her friend was murdered) before explaining what her first day in prison was like as a teenager. She reveals that she busted a prison guard's head open and that she was stabbed by a Latin Queens while in prison. From there, she talks about the corrupt police officer who worked her case and how his sketchy history led to her case being re-opened. Lastly, she discusses the pain and grief that she has to go live with now by explaining that she is working on forgiving herself for killing people, trying to forgive her mother for giving her up for adoption, and her marriage to her wife. She also shares her thoughts on the untimely death of Takeoff from Migos.

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