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Lithuania High Vaccination Rate Strict Passports Still Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket Impose Mask Mandates.mp4

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Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Lithuania High Vaccination Rate Strict Passports Still Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket Impose Mask Mandates
The Last American Vagabond

CDC Admits "Comirnaty" Unavailable, Pfizer's Blood Clot Drug & "Coating Masks With Nanoworms"

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Johnny Exodice
15 minutes ago
Listen to me well my Romantic Warriors, the Many will be Cursed, and Dammed, and Forsaken because THEY LIVE already have been "judged" by The Source of All Creation and All Destruction, but we whom remain #UNVAXXED will get pulled out in 2094 CE once all that must happen in the Book of REVELATION has been fulfilled…

This Holy JEWISH Bible has been around for over 2,000 years, so anyone whom says that Crypto is not the {Mark of the Beast} [{**}] that you can not buy, nor sell in a (CASHLESS) Society is a liar and a thief!!!

These Metaverse VR Helmets are too become the MARK OF THE BEAST on their heads from the Book of Revelation, and those are bad enough in and of themselves, but since the Many are Menticide MEDICATED Mindless Militant Masses, thence, THEY LIVE shall have their WAR IS MURDER till the end of TIME in 2094 CE in this Celestial Sphere of Whom done what that DESTROYED our Real Home world being the Awful Horror from the New Testament JEWISH Gospels of our Moon La La~ the Little Girl whom saves the world, we Rangers Protect her….

Do not fear the #COVAXXED because we can have a system to exchange that has nothing to do with CAPITALISM aka the Real Church of SATAN from the Book of Revelation because we can grow our own food, make our own booze, and do all the THC Marijuana we want, but more important, we can live on till the END OF DAYS in these Days of Noah Re-storied ONE LAST TIME…….,

so God can separate the Wheat From the Tares, and those that say: Good is Evil and Evil is good are all them that work hand in hand with these Fake Jews of Hollywood USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!!

Devils and Demons trying to TRICK or TREAT you into not going home "whence" you die being these OTO Thelema Wicca FREE MASON Jesuit Zionist Lodge Members in our home towns........., and since we are but in THE MEMORY of whom done what, prepare your minds now, and your "little ones" to carry THE WAY Home: too them born in 2045 CE and Cyberpunk 2077 CE till the end of TIME in 2094 CE

Remember, if THEY can not see` it is because the God of this reality has "already" Judged them not to come home with WE ARE when THEY LIVE die here in Purgatory too be sent to a [Hell of Hades] Qballs~ /_\ Nightmare of their own making that they themselves shall never wake forever and ever….

Blend in….. Live Well….. Die Free….

The Oracle for the end of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so spoken….

Christ Jesus Returned….

#YellowROSE ??♂

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