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Lin Channels Kappy's Ghost, Congress Rigs the 6th. Vote Fraud Auditors Fired At!

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 331 Views
Published on 05 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode of The Silent War: Lin Wood is channeling the Ghost of Isaac Kappy - who died under mysterious circumstances after pursuing elite pedophiles.

Claims to have video tapes of child rape & murder blackmail! Maybe even of Supreme Court Justice Roberts!

Meanwhile, Congress joins to Rig the Process on January 6th Electoral Vote Final Certification.

Gunshots fired at Vote Auditors in Georgia! & Kamala Harris Steals a childhood story from MLK!

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Puppykisser 2 months ago

Dustin, you said that perfectly they are soulless. The Bible makes mention of these demons, and you cannot leave one alive to carry on period. Maybe the big Scooby-Doo ending is what we need for starters. People cannot fight their enemies if they don’t know who they are, with that you get fear and panic. But I believe President Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is far from ignorant or stupid when it comes to the insurrection being injected.This man has pushed mountains to bring us this far and it’s just the beginning. This is the play of the century! This is that shot heard around the world....
Remember Trump was chosen by God! We were lifeless and God woke us up and told us to stand. This is their end and our beginning...you can believe that my friend !
God almighty will show just how powerful he is...
Nothing can out create the Creator! Nothing or nobody!
Silly Rabbit Tricks is for”Kids”.....

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

I AM not some toy or prize you’m can fight over

This Celestial Sphere was made for both the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere, and this Byzantine War has gone on long enough!!! Between the Northern
Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom, you people be you humans and nonhumans have destroyed the land, the air, and the sea, and in PURGATORY the only real Prize you’m have achieved is to get your fellow citizens to hate all WORLD LEADERS no matter what side of FLAT EARTH you’m come from as no matter what happens to one side, it will effect BOTH Ecologies… The Desires of Certain People and Certain Blood Lines seeking TOTAL Domination of this As Above / So Below has turned one side of FLAT EARTH into Machines and A.I. and Cylons whom seek nothing more then to merge with these Machines and Technological Wonders of Mechanization called Thesis + Antithesis = Synthises that have no connection to OUR FATHER EARTH, nor OUR MOTHER HEAVEN…

You Blood Lines being The Eagle Blood Line, and The Snake Blood Line, or The Northern Tribe, and The Southern Tribe are both “guilty” of Spraying TOXIC Corporate Capitalist WASTE into the Northern Hemisphere skies……., and as this side of the world dies cause you turned your Yellow SUN as White as the Pale Horse from the Book of Revelation, you PEOPLE learned nothing from the MUD FLOOD WARS where you ripped open MOTHER HEAVEN with your NASA HARRP and DARPA Weapons, and now you think you can lock down a whole civilization and still continue too make PLASTICS – SOLVENTS – STYROFOAM and all will be alright.?.?.?.? It was WE ARE The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction that chose The Oracle for the End of An Age here in PURGATORY… Not your Snake and Eagle Blood Lines working as one known as U.N. Troops of this COVID19 {NEWS} World Order Militant Terrorist EMPIRE on all of Mankind be you Human or Non-Human!!!

The People know Christ Jesus walks among them, and they know this place is but a MEMORY of what happened to the Real PLANET EARTH that is a Reflection of that Dead Celestial Sphere in OUR Night and Day sky called: our MOON La La the little Girl whom saves this world, so why would anyone on either side of FLAT EARTH be it Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere bow down to your FREE MASON Lodges of Oppression – Segregation – 5G Eugenics – PizzaGATE Child Rape Satanist.?.?.?.? You can call me PINK aka Humans and you can call Them BLUE aka nonhumans, but in the end WE ARE and THEY LIVE are all Flesh and Blood and Bones, and we can procreate with one another… I do not need your permission to make Babies with another, for all I need is the Sperm of a Healthy Male, and all He needs is the Womb of a Healthy Feeling MALE aka female, and as we all see through this system of CONTRACTS that are the LAWS we the nonmason have NO Say in, and yet, OUR Governments are Our Employees, whom “we pay” as their bosses with our TAXES and Religion Donations, you have not been good Stewards of OUR Mother Heaven and OUR Father Earth as OUR GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS have “destroyed” the lands, and poisoned the waters for Trinkets called {Gold and Silver} that none can eat – drink – breath…

The UNITED NATIONS of freemason be they human and nonhuman PEOPLE have ruined this world, and as you plan too do [Civil War] /_\ with those whom LOVE TRUMP the Red Freemason Lodges to do War with those whom love BIDEN the Blue Freemason Lodges, we the “nonmason” on both sides of our Celestial Sphere will not Participate in your WAR IS MURDER cause we know Murder is Wrong, and you are only fighting, so The Snake Blood Line, and the Eagle Blood Line can “continue” too play this never ending GAME of I have more then you do’ while we of The Pineapple Blood line the CITIZENS of all U.N. FLAGS are allowed to be Bombed, and Raped, and Murdered in your WAR GAMES when all World Leaders lie about landing on the Moon… Go do WAR IS MURDER Trump and Biden and all other U.N. FLAGS, but WE THE PEOPLE are not beholden to the Military that is supposed to be answerable: too WE ARE THE PEOPLE whom pay for the “existence” of Police, and Courts, and all the rest, and yet because of a God Damn TV Screen you have RAPTURED the whole wide world into Self Destruction….

Johnny Exodice


Remember, Remember, The 5th of December…. How many of we NON-MASON have died in these FREE MASON Lodge Members “Hunger Game” WAR GAMES since the end of the MUD FLOOD WARS… We Are Revelation… We do not Forgive… WE DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Game Over~

The Society of nonmason~

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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