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Light Language Transmission - Angelic Message

The Human Collective
Published on 02 Oct 2022 / In Spiritual

This Light Language Transmission came to me with a message from the angelic collective to help you on your inner journey finding your divine self and returning to a place of unity, wisdom, and freedom. Remember who and all that you are!

Listen to this transmission as many times as you want. Like, share, and comment below. I would love to hear your impressions.

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I´m a multidimensional channel for healing and ascension, specialized in Light Language Activations.

My work helps people break free from limitations and the illusion game that is keeping us in a state of forgetfulness and separation.

I want to guide you towards self-love, authenticity and creative potential, healing and integrating all the parts, returning to your unique divine state.

I´m here to support those who are ready to leave the old ways behind and start co-creating the new earth, based on empowerment, love, and sovereignty.


Wanna heal and have a session with me?

👉🏼$22 - Audio File of Personal Light Language Healing Transmission (20 minutes)

👉🏼$66- 60 minutes in-depth healing/activation session over Zoom.


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( [email protected] )


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