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Liberals Twitter Meltdown - Politicians Feel the Hate

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Published on 07 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

San Diego City Attorney's Office to stop using Twitter account

The San Diego City Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that it will stop using Twitter because the platform “is moving in a troubling direction.”

City Attorney Mara Elliott said her office “will no longer communicate using Twitter,” and she urged the public to check for updates on Instagram and the city’s website.

The office’s final tweets read: “Twitter is moving in a troubling direction -- one that promotes hatred, violence, bullying, and false information. It is not a forum where users can feel respected or safe. We deserve better. For that reason, my office will no longer communicate using Twitter.

Liberals Fume over Elon Musk Twitter Purchase: ‘It’s About White Power’

An array of left-wing personalities took to Twitter in the wake of a potential sale of social media giant Twitter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, deeming it a victory for “white power” and “white nationalism” that will “silence” progressive voices and amplify “racists” and others on the right, including former President Donald Trump.

“Elon musk buying Twitter is a dream come true for white nationalists,” wrote left-wing comedian and commentator Dean Obeidallah. “After all musk is from the former apartheid country of South Africa which the white supremacists idolize.”

Online threats and hate speech against politicians is mounting, officials say

Online hate and politics are clashing with increasing frequency as pandemic stress mounts.

Just one example is Quebec politician Christine St-Pierre, who received an avalanche of insults after she posted online that she received a COVID-19 vaccine.

She was called crazy, a liar, dangerous to others. Some commented about her hair, while others offered sarcastic condolences.

Why Trudeau Is Hated Everywhere He Goes In Canada

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Saskatoon today where he will meet with long-term care residents, vaccine researchers and visit a daycare.”

A wise Liberal Party marketing move it is. Unlike everywhere else in Canada PM Justin Trudeau visits, the odds are low that expletives will be hurled at our prime minister. That is, unless a chapter of “Hell’s Grannies” from Monty Python appear on the scene. Chances are low that the daycare set are likely to throw their soothers at the PM. Of course, this example of “racism” would not be tolerated.

Trudeau Calls Canadians Mentally Ill, Blames ‘Anxiety’ Caused by ‘Climate Change’ for Opposition to his Agenda

anadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is blaming “increasing anxiety because of climate change” for anger towards politicians and opposition to his authoritarian agenda. Trudeau made the remarks when asked by a reporter what he thinks is behind a purported “rise in threats that politicians are facing

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