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The Pig Man
The Pig Man - 263 Views
Published on 02 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Spot on. I'm in Melbourne. I can't describe how dreadful it is. Shopping malls now have 2 layers of 2 guards at each entrance checking 'QR' codes. Once inside, only 1 in 10 shops are left, the malls are absolutely decimated. All that is left is huge chains like Coles. And to get into them, you get forced into a single file queue and need another sign again. Local shopping strips are the same, empty shops, so many people people have fled the cities. The only small business survivors of this holocaust are Italian, Greek family run businesses who have loyal customers who have hated governments for generations. Currently legislation is about to be passed making a digital ID for all Australians compulsory, connecting wait for it, every government department, every private business, every not for profit in Australia. If they don't connect to this government system they can't do business in Australia! Data collected will range from biometric to medical to tax, banking, phone records, internet usages... My brother sells blocks of land in Queensland and he literally cannot get enough empty blocks to sell. Victorians are buying blocks of land in Queensland sight unseen all the time. Even worse, Australia is building vast 'quarantine camps' in isolated areas, in every State, 1000+ units in each settlement. Journalists get arrested every week. We are prepping, storing food, cash, medications...In NSW they have just banned the unvaccinated from every supermarket and grocery store...You can't fight communism. Just run.

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Abeonthehill 2 months ago

Where are you planning to go Man ? You must have a few Nations in mind .....perhaps Mexico , South America , Argentina or Brasil have populations who do not give a hoggs Ass about Govt !

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